Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Since spring is here and summer is fast on its way [in fact, Jo'burg seems to have skipped spring entirely], spring/summer shopping had to be done. I'm not done with that yet, but when I am I will do a quick list of my summer must-haves for this year. But for now, my number one summer buy, the ultimate summer must-have, is this:

Hello, Snowcat Diana. Welcome to Lizeland.

If you want one too, head on over to Kameraz in Rosebank Mews. I got this one at a ridiculous bargain! Then again, I did have The Mermaid with me, and everyone knows Mermaids bring good luck. Also, this is me we're talking about. Come on. Kidding! I'm just a Lucky Unicorn.

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