Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mont Blanc John Lennon Event

On Tuesday I went to the launch of the Mont Blanc range that celebrated John Lennon's life, as he would have turned 70 last Saturday. The first thing I can say is I want one of those pens! Maybe not the one going for about R200 000, but definitely one of them.
The event was held at the Sandton Sun, which is a dazzling venue! Did you know that they have one of the only three 'genuine' [read: amazingly awesome] concierges in South Africa? The other one, of course, being Official Concierge of Lizeland. We were on the San Deck, which comes highly recommended for fancy events, a romantic dinner or just drinks with friends.
Now, unfortunately we did not get gift bags with John Lennon pens in them [although that would SO have been the case in Lizeland], but we did have a comprehensive 'tour' of all of the pens. Very impressive stuff, I must say! Details such as Tanzanites and Sapphires for his iconic glasses, to a self portrait of him engraved on the pen, peace signs and important dates. It's a stunning range, and well worth the money if you love pens and/or John Lennon.
Arno Carstens played a few songs, including his own rendition of Imagine, which was beautifully done. Carstens has been in the UK for a few years now, and despite landing exciting gigs such as playing for Yoko Ono's fundraiser, he says that South Africa will always be his number one. Of course.
I was a bit surprised by people walking out during the band's performance, but I could understand everyone leaving straight afterwards. Much as it was a great venue and a wonderful commemoration, it was not the most exciting event i have ever attended. Jeremy Mansfield's excited claim that 'the party only starts now' was clearly false. By the time the clock struck nine most people had already left. But overall the event was well planned and the choice of venue was excellent.
PS. If any of you happen to run into my parents between now and Christmas, kindly mention to them that their wonderful daughter would just LOVE one of these [the pens, not the hotel.]

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FarmGirl said...

As an avid pen collector I fully agree on owning one of those babies.