Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life's Just a Bowl of Cherries

've been pretty busy, what with this whole Thesis thing hanging over my head. That, and working a fulltime job, and having to write a play, and do another research assignment and give another presentation [all for Honours], all within the next month. It's hectic. Plus I've just discovered Scrubs and that is also taking up much of my time. So I haven't had much time for blogging, and this post is not particularly exciting. Sorry.
Last weekend we went bowling. I think I went bowling once when I was about 15, but I can't even remember it so it doesn't really count. It was for Betty 'La Piep''s birthday [that nickname is a whole blogpost on its own]. And it was fun. We made up nicknames for all of us [I was, of course, Unicorn]. I did not suck and we had a great time cheering one another on. Someone baked cupcakes, which immediately puts this day on the 'Best Day Ever in Lizeland' list. I even put together a pretty sweet bowling outfit, if I say so myself.
So, go bowling with your friends, and spend an afternoon laughing, and wishing everything were neon! Wouldn't that be cool?

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