Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And So It Begins...

I am 22 years old. Though I am still studying, I also have a fulltime job, as well as a freelance job. I also have other grown-up things, like a gym membership, eye cream and a savings plan. Oh, and I own a house. But this whole adulthood thing can be pretty daunting at times! Things happen that make you realise that school is nothing more than a distant memory of when we were skinnier and played team sports.
One of these things has just happened. The first girl from the St Anne's class of 2006 has gotten engaged! Don't get me wrong, she's beyond lovely and from what I hear he's the perfect guy. It's just... scary. Because from now on every week will hold new engagement announcements and invites to kitchen teas and baby showers. On that note, there are already TWO class of 2006 babies that have been... had. [I was going to say spawned, but it seems a bit harsh.]
So, I guess that leaves just one thing to do:
Hello, rest of my life. Please treat me well. Ta.
Future Wedding Unicorn.
PS. If you're planning on having your 'special day' soon, check out this amazing competition on Kim Gray's blog here. She was the very worthy winner of the 2010 SA Blog Awards Best Fashion Blog.

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DerrynC said...

Uh, actually an '06 Usherwoodian is already married! (to her lovely boyf she had since gr11/12) But yes, feels like its time for us to grow up!