Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wars

Because we fight for the weekend to last forever.
Saturday was Adillah's birthday. To celebrate I joined her, her man [who is only the most perfect boyfriend on the planet], Kazi and Mpumi [Ministress of Snark] at The Westcliff Hotel. I hadn't seen Kazi and Mpumi in what felt like years, so this morning [turned afternoon] of fabulosity was WAY overdue.
The Westcliff comes highly recommended by many [including 2oceansvibe, so we know we're not playing around here], and there is a good reason for that. It is officially my favourite place in Jo'burg and I want to live there. Please can I?
Upon arrival a driver [mine was Calvin and he is just lovely] takes you to wherever you need to go in a Club Car. This is a blessing as The Westcliff is very hilly and of course one must wear heels to The Westcliff. There simply is no other way.
We went to the Polo Lounge for high tea. Boschendal Blanc du Noir [the official pink wine of Team Lilac], chocolate cake, cucumber sandwiches, mini haloumi wraps, scones with strawberries and cream and, of course, CUPCAKES. Top all of this delicious food off with a view to die for and the best friends a girl could ask for and you get the perfect Saturday! In fact, I think this may become a weekly ritual.
This does NO justice to the view. The infinity pool is also beyond amazing. We love infinity pools.
Gorgeous sisters of mucho mucho talent.
Birthday girl and her man, who flew in from England for this!
Shucks, you guys shouldn't have...
Fairly self-explanatory, I think.
Even if you have to pretend it's your birthday, do order one of these bad boys.
That is not lens flare. It's sprinklings of amaze.
Fabulous. Life is not kak.

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