Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Change

Things are crazy right now. I'm at our Good Morning Angels golf day at Gardener Ross. I'm sitting at this golf estate, fingers too cold to type, in purple Pringle bobby socks with two computers in front of me as well as my Canon SLR, a Blackberry, a very temperamental wireless network and free cupcakes and -Starbucks all day. Can you handle it?
Anyway, yesterday. That is what this post is about. I woke up at 4am, picked up Kurt Darren [yeah, I know! Me too.] and spent the morning changing people's lives. Okay, I didn't do much, I just work for the people making it all happen. But it was amazing. I shed tears [more than once] and despite a bit of drama I came back feeling like my heart may explode. And I conclude that the best way to start any day it to make other people smile. It might even beat free Starbucks! [Okay, wait... I'm not sure. That's a bit of a toss up... Can't decide.]
Anyway, you can read more about the day here. We changed the lives of four families in four hours with R120 000.
Here are some pictures I took from the car in Pretoria CBD. I love it. The old buildings, the bustle, the mix of people, the giant Jacarandas. I love it all. I was one times Happy Unicorn, all fuzzy and warm inside.
And the best part? Anyone can make a difference. Because a small difference multiplied by a million people is a BIG difference.

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