Monday, September 27, 2010

SA Blog Awards

I am back in Gauteng after a lovely weekend in Cape Town for the SA Blog Awards. Our blog made it to the top 2 for Best Radio/TV Blog.
It was another last-minute madness mission, but well worth it.
The awards were held at The One & Only, which is just lovely. Definitely allowed in Lizeland! Definitely. I would highly recommend going there for drinks, spa treatments and just generally soaking up a luxurious and relaxing vibe.
I went with The Nazi. Highlights include:
  • The MC, Mum-Z. He has been named Minister of MCing in Lizeland. He gets his own masseuse. In fact, he may have 7. Very funny guy, this.
  • The One & Only. Can't even decide if it's prettier in the bright sunlight, at sunset or at night all lit up. But we heart it, a lot.
  • Helen Zille's speech. Very insightful regarding social media [did you know she actually tweets herself? Yup.] Definitely featuring some of her wisdom in my #TwitterThesis.
  • Realising Helen Z and The Mermaid were pretty much wearing the same blazer. Phenom.
  • The Nazi receiving an email mid-ceremony enquiring whether he would be interested in buying eco-friendly hand grenades.
  • Meeting many, many fellow members of the Twitter Fam. Having the Ogilvy Twitterer run up with 'Lize? Lize The Unicorn? I HAD TO come meet you.' and hearing 'I don't follow you, but I do stalk you...'
  • indieBerries winning TWO Awards, after a fairly traumatic experience flying in from South Korea for this.
  • The Mermaid almost falling over the railings, almost taking off her shirt, making me touch her boobs then swearing at me because I wasn't doing it nicely enough [???] and then telling everyone that the only advice they need in life is 'NAME YOUR SON MARMADUKE, THEN PEE ON HIM, IN A CAMEL'. Thanks, Bear Grylls.
  • Mermaid to me: 'to me... you are... like.. a Google image... That is not pixelated... I can almost see you. And from here, you are amazing.'
All round a very successful event. Thanks to Chris for accommodating me, to One & Only for hosting a fabulous event, The Nazi for being my date ['Lize, we must be the most couply un-couple ever.'], and everyone for making it most enjoyable. Well done to all who won, and all who were nominated. See you next year!


Bobby said...

Sounded like a great night :)
Congrats on making it to top two...

Mamello said...

I thought that Unicorns were a myth, but you're real... was greats eeing you at the awards

Che said...

awesome! we love it all xo

Anonymous said...

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- Laura