Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pocketful of Dreams

Yesterday I took impulsive trips to Cape Town to a whole new level. Let’s talk about living life…

On Sunday evening after gym I received the following text from my agent:

Request casting tomorrow for a new morning show. Bilingual, cool, intelligent, sense of humour and knowledgeable are NB criteria. Segments are sport, comedy, cooking, gossip, fashion, health and entertainment.

Let’s be honest, they may as well name this thing The Lize Kay Show!

But I politely declined as it was happening in 16 hours, 1 600 kilometers away, figuring there would be auditions in Jo’burg at some point.

Not the case. The auditions are only happening in Cape Town, and only for one day. Upon finding this out, I start to pace, and phone almost everyone whose opinion matters to me. To go, or not to go? Between my dad and I we concluded that I should go [turning down a closed audition is just not right and audition karma will bite you in the arse sooner or later] but I should communicate very carefully with my boss when asking for leave. I did not want him to think I was looking for anything else, or walking out on him, because I’m not.

So I packed an overnight bag on Sunday night, as an affirmation that I would be going to Cape Town.

Monday morning I head to studio earlier than usual and after establishing what kind of mood my boss is in [good] I asked if I could fly to Cape Town in a few hours. Without too many questions asked I was granted permission.

By 9am I had booked my flight. At 10am my credit card was declined. Between SAA, the bank and my sister, no one could tell me why this was happening. Cards are never declined in Lizeland. I was freaking out a tiny bit.

At 10h45 I got in my car and drove to OR Tambo International at the speed of Unicorn [very, very fast]. With nothing on me, not even my overnight bag, I ran from end of the airport to the other [in heels, of course], gave someone at SAA my debit card and requested they put the flight leaving soonest and coming back latest tonight on that card. An hour later I was on the plane.

Two hours later I landed in Cape Town and bolted as fast as I could so as to avoid Greasy Mullet Guy [don’t ask]. I was met by Jaco of Savvy Tours in one of these bad boys:

Not kak.

He even bought bottled water for me beforehand because he ‘figured I would be in a rush’. Oh. Oh my. This is most certainly the official driver of Lizeland from now on!

We drove to Tokai. I, with no make-up touch-ups and still in my work clothes [see, this is why I dress well every day! In case of having to fly across the country for auditions!], floated in [no running now, must stay composed in manner of experienced auditioner] and auditioned. We left.

Afterwards we had drinks at the Radisson Blu which definitely has the best view ever [globally] for sundowners- Me, The Nazi And Margs.

Not kak at all.

And not 5 hours after landing in Cape Town, I was back on a plane, heading home. I passed out before we took off and woke up after half of the passengers had left the plane. I was exhausted! Excitement is tiring.

Today is boringly normal. I have an excitement hangover, though, as a reminder of yesterday’s craziness.

Excitement hangover.

And I learnt the following:

  • When people say something is not ‘meant to be’ because it doesn’t work out easily or immediately, don’t listen to them.
  • You can probably make it happen. It might be stressful, and expensive, and you might have to run a long way in heels. But you can make it happen.
  • It’s worth making stuff happen.
  • Traveling from one end of a country to the other and back in the space of 9 hours will make you feel a bit like a jetsetter.
  • Luxury SUVs do wonders for nervous Unicorns.
  • Do not talk to greasy mulleted men on planes. Ew.
  • Always live life. Be stupid. Be crazy. Be impulsive.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Miss Molly said...

Go you!! this is freaking awesome, am sure you nailed the audtion! keeping fingers crossed for you! xoxox

謝佑芝 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................