Monday, September 6, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories

Back from Cape Town. Alive, and with many a memory to blog about. Unfortunately I have been so very busy lately that my blog continues to be neglected. But I do feel the need to sum up my short trip in a few short posts. So, let us begin.
I arrived on Wednesday evening at 9 and I, the hater of flying, have one airport/airplane event on which to report. After dinner, I started to paint my nails. This is something I have always done on planes. Last year I flew to Johannesburg once or twice a month to co-present MK Live and Studio 1 on MK, and I ALWAYS painted my nails during the flight up. This time it was my to-die-for Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish. You might recognise it from Pulp Fiction? Yup, that one. Imagine my surprise, then, when the air hostess tells me this is not allowed.
Me: ?!?!
I thought British Airways was playing a prank on me, but no. Apparently it 'gets into the air vents' and then 'everyone can smell it'.
Again, me: ?!?!
Four crimson nails in, I could easily have panicked.
This simply will not do.
But I decided not to. The problem was, of course, that I was as far in as I could get out and whipping out some nail polish remover would hardly go down better, smell-wise. So I was forced to sneakily finish the job in the bathroom. It felt like the memory of sneaking a cigarette at boarding school meets joining the mile high club [NOT that I have done either of these]. Thrilling.
That's better.
Back to the trip. I landed at Cape Town International to be picked up by the lovely SLK. Off to the Cape Royale we went and after dropping out stuff we headed to The Crystal luxury apartments in Camps Bay [by the way, these come highly recommended (by me) if you're looking for a scenic weekend away]. We were dropped off by Concierge Ryan, who is likely the best concierge in all the world and will definitely be appointed head concierge in Lizeland. Here we met with Beatnik Bazaar [do check her blog for a spectacular giveaway] and I finally got to meet Lauren Fowler, who has some of the coolest tattoos around. There was wine, there were some snacks and there was general merriment. I feel I must interject here and mention that I had never met these people before. But after a short while they felt like old friends and I wanted my life to look like a Beatnik Bazaar catalogue, I wanted to carry Lauren around in my bag so that she could animate every story I told and I wanted SLK to be my ridiculously fabulous friend by my side all the time like the perfect accessory, but with personality! To sum it up: I did not want to leave. But soon it was a few hours into the AM and we departed.
The Crystal. Not kak.
But the stunning evening was to be rounded off perfectly. Firstly we did not die during the horrendous cab ride back to the hotel [a nasty adjustment after the Jag ride we got to The Crystal] and then we finished the night off in the most perfect way imagineable: by eating Lindt and raspberry cupcakes, freshly made by SLK. In Lizeland, every night would end like this.
Why, thank you. Don't mind if I do be ridiculously fabulous as I exit the Jag.
That's it for now, because all I really want to say in this post is thank you to the above-mentioned Lizeland VIPs for making the first night unforgettable.
This is where we stayed. Again, not kak.
Let's do that again, yes?

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