Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories [Continued]

There really is only one thing to report on for Friday in Cape Town.
I made my hair blue. I don't know how I did this. I washed it with the same shampoo as always, which usually makes it wonderfully platinum, like this:
Well, it looks a bit yellow here, but you get the point.
This time, however, the result was not as desired.
Me: Aaaaaah! [Runs in to The GBF's bedroom] SIMON! MY HAIR IS BLUE!!!
GBF: Nah, it's more of a gentle lilac.
Gotta love the gays. At some point The GBF's housemate said she liked it.
Asian Housemate of GBF: Your hair is... like... blue! I love it.
GBF [later]: See, she liked it?
Me: She's ASIAN. She probably thinks I have a pet Pokemon stashed in my Aldo bag. Of COURSE she likes my blue hair.
Oh yeah, baybay!
Once I felt okay enough to step outside [avec blue hair], The GBF and I went to Delaire for a tour of the hotel and a glass of vino.
Oh. Em Gee.
Dear Future Husband, PLEASE take me there. Every weekend.
It was so good, I even mastered a fabulous laugh + half-turn + flicking of hair over shoulder in the short time I spent there. There are no words. I DIE of fabulosity.
We then went for lunch at 5 Ryneveld, which was amazing as always. I do recommend their falafel burger with red pepper hummus. I also recommend going there with a GBF who will feed you tomato and cucumber bits with a teeny tiny spoon from a teeny tiny silver bowl. La Jew had the black mushroom and figs burger. Equally recommendable unless, like me, you're feeling a little worse for Bohemia wear and can only handle so much fungus inside you. The GBF had an ostrich burger. I cannot recommend this as I am a vegetarian, but he said it was great.
That night we went to Neighbourhood, meeting up with The Mermaid, Nashville, Snoddie, Byron and had another ex fest. This time The Nazi, The Sweetheart and The Gay Ex [Love of my life] were there. No hassles, though, and a good time was held by all.
Except, of course, that my hair was blue.

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