Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories [Continued]

Where were we? Ah, yes. Thursday night. Sleep, here:
To repeat myself: not kak.
Woke up on Friday morning thanks to my inability to sleep late, combined with receiving 5 million work emails, calls and texts. -sigh-
After room service [ah, I love the Cape Royale more and more] SLK and I headed to Camps Bay for brunch with Beatnik Bazaar and Lauren Fowler. Omelettes, coffee and fab friends. Oh, and let's not forget the view! [Unfortunately Sandbar had closed [sad face, and how very dare they not inform us!], and so we had to settle for this:]
But it wasn't too kak.
[No, seriously. When I say 'not kak', please know I am pulling the proverbial leg of the mystical reader. I mean 'pretty awesome', 'way rad', 'absolutely unbelievable', 'OMShatteredSoul I can die now!'... You get the point. When in doubt, do not take me seriously.]
After brunch SLK and I headed to Stellenbosch. Here we met up with The GBF and after some quick catching up it was time for me to meet up with Rolandd.
Who is Rolandd?
A while back I got an unexpected Facebook message from one Rolandd Thompson, [subject: gratitude] saying that he had been following my blog for a while and had a gift for me. One Rolandd Thompson did go to school with me [well, I was in a girls school but his school was basically our step-brother school and his school was just up the road from my school so we basically went to school together] but seeing as we were never THAT close [we just had many many friends in common and saw each other pretty often], and in light of the fact that I did not imagine him the type of person to follow or appreciate my blog, I figured it was a different Rolandd Thompson. But no. It was, in fact, THE Rolannd Thompson I was thinking of.
We set off to Bohemia [also my second home while I lived in Stellenbosch], and Rolandd's gift was a Kid Robot Unicorn/Zebra figurine which he felt he needed to pass on to me. Her name is Mildred, and this is she, happy with me in the office:
Mildred, babe, that vintage belt is TOTES bringing out the colour of your horn.
After a fun afternoon of talking and laughing and way more drinks than I planned on consuming at Bohemia, I left for...
The Fashion Show.
You may remember that that is the whole reason I went to Cape Town? Yup. But more on that later. This post is to point out, once again, the power of one to make another's day. I mean, how rad is Mildred? A Unicorn [note: upper case] from a high school friend that was never even a BFF. Rolandd, you are made of awesome and will be made Minister of Awesome Thoughtfulness and Rad Surprises in Lizeland.
Another '1 thing to do today': Be thoughtful. Surprise someone. Get them the tiniest thing [expensive helps] that will totes make them smile.

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