Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Like You Are

Last weekend a most extraordinary thing happened.

On Saturday I went to the Top Billing Spring Event at Morrells [HIGHLY recommended- a gorgeous venue that makes you feel like you have left Joziville far behind]. It was lovely- the sights and smells of spring, pretty dresses and meeting wonderful women. At some point we had an image consultant, Janine from House of Janine, talking to us about dressing for our body shapes, skin tones and such. We talked about the different shapes there are [you’ve heard them before- apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle etc] and at some point we each had to mention which part of our bodies we love the most, and the part we love the least.

When it came to me, I couldn’t name which part I hated most!

Wait a second…

When did this happen?! When did I, a 22-year old girl living in a world riddled with seven foot stick figures with huge nunga-nungas, become absolutely, 100%, totes okay with my body?

Whoa. Like, whoa.

Let’s just take a moment here.

Even supermodels have body issues! I could list my imperfections: small boobs; VERY high hips; my elbows are a bit odd looking [actually, never mind, all elbows are a bit odd looking]; I am not tall; my left pinky toe was meant to be amputated years ago; I have no ear lobes… The list goes on.

But you know what?

I LOVE my body.

Big thighs. Still Happy Unicorn.

No waist. Still happy Unicorn.

Short legs. Still happy Unicorn.

After years of hating my love handles, and hating my tiny boobs, and thinking I have the ugliest ankles on the planet, I freaking love my body. I am wholly comfortable, I can look at it, and I spend much of my free time in lingerie, reading classics and eating cupcakes. I even considered putting up nude pictures of myself, but no. I just don’t see there being much demand for that… I can appreciate what I have going for me, and even appreciate the ‘flaws’. I have started to love exercise, be it in gym, dancing at a gig or just walking The Furkids at sunset, I enjoy healthy eating and I never deprive myself of the things I crave [cupcakes].

This is a small thing in the greater scheme of the universe and all that. But for me, it was pretty freaking rad. I might just start doing a Lingerie Lundi’ [that’s Monday in French]- a weekly post about love, gratefulness and why life is awesome., featuring lingerie of course. I know Wonderbra SA likes the idea.

So, here’s my challenge to girls out there: love your body. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done and we all have fat days. But just take one minute to point out to yourself what you love about your body.

Spend the day in lingerie.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Dance naked on your bed.

Go crazy.

Eat a cupcake.

And love your body, because it’s yours and it’s fabulous.

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