Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Really, REALLY Love Cupcakes

In fact, in Lizeland, cupcakes are subsidised so that everyone can eat them all the time. There is also a Mr Delivery-type service for cupcakes only [which, of course, operates 24/7], and we have National Cupcake Day.
This year for my first birthday party [not me turning one, I just had more than one birthday party], I had a cupcake exchange party. Everyone had to bring 2 or more cupcakes, and we all kind of swapped- you put them on the table and grab whichever others may catch your eye. I ended up having about 300 cupcakes in my house and needless to day it was a very, very happy day. The theme was Alice in Lizeland, which basically meant all things pretty, lacey, polka-dotty or floral, plus one times fab headband. We ate until we could eat no more, I got amazing, thoughtful gifts and after almost everyone had left just a few of us remained and finished it all off with wine and a cheese platter, complete with jam, grapes, crackers and pesto. It was one of my favourite days ever.
Happy birthday me. Love, me. A Tiffany's locket.
I has about 70 cupcakes left after the party because many took 'two or more' as 'fifteen'. But they didn't last a week. If my calculations are correct, I had about 150 cupcakes in August.
Speaking of cupcakes, head on over to Farmgirl's blog for a most fab recipe book giveaway: 500 Cupcakes. If I had this book [which I will now endeavour to find], I would make a point of getting through every single recipe in two years. Wouldn't that be fun?
I really, really love cupcakes.


Ayanda said...

I have that book. Got it for my 20th birthday! It's excellent, easy, so convenient...Yay!!!!!!

FarmGirl said...

Also want a party like that!
Thanks for the mention.

Being Brazen said...

A tiffany locket - ooooh nice.

I love cuppycakes too