Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Really, REALLY Love Cupcakes

In fact, in Lizeland, cupcakes are subsidised so that everyone can eat them all the time. There is also a Mr Delivery-type service for cupcakes only [which, of course, operates 24/7], and we have National Cupcake Day.
This year for my first birthday party [not me turning one, I just had more than one birthday party], I had a cupcake exchange party. Everyone had to bring 2 or more cupcakes, and we all kind of swapped- you put them on the table and grab whichever others may catch your eye. I ended up having about 300 cupcakes in my house and needless to day it was a very, very happy day. The theme was Alice in Lizeland, which basically meant all things pretty, lacey, polka-dotty or floral, plus one times fab headband. We ate until we could eat no more, I got amazing, thoughtful gifts and after almost everyone had left just a few of us remained and finished it all off with wine and a cheese platter, complete with jam, grapes, crackers and pesto. It was one of my favourite days ever.
Happy birthday me. Love, me. A Tiffany's locket.
I has about 70 cupcakes left after the party because many took 'two or more' as 'fifteen'. But they didn't last a week. If my calculations are correct, I had about 150 cupcakes in August.
Speaking of cupcakes, head on over to Farmgirl's blog for a most fab recipe book giveaway: 500 Cupcakes. If I had this book [which I will now endeavour to find], I would make a point of getting through every single recipe in two years. Wouldn't that be fun?
I really, really love cupcakes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

SA Blog Awards

I am back in Gauteng after a lovely weekend in Cape Town for the SA Blog Awards. Our blog made it to the top 2 for Best Radio/TV Blog.
It was another last-minute madness mission, but well worth it.
The awards were held at The One & Only, which is just lovely. Definitely allowed in Lizeland! Definitely. I would highly recommend going there for drinks, spa treatments and just generally soaking up a luxurious and relaxing vibe.
I went with The Nazi. Highlights include:
  • The MC, Mum-Z. He has been named Minister of MCing in Lizeland. He gets his own masseuse. In fact, he may have 7. Very funny guy, this.
  • The One & Only. Can't even decide if it's prettier in the bright sunlight, at sunset or at night all lit up. But we heart it, a lot.
  • Helen Zille's speech. Very insightful regarding social media [did you know she actually tweets herself? Yup.] Definitely featuring some of her wisdom in my #TwitterThesis.
  • Realising Helen Z and The Mermaid were pretty much wearing the same blazer. Phenom.
  • The Nazi receiving an email mid-ceremony enquiring whether he would be interested in buying eco-friendly hand grenades.
  • Meeting many, many fellow members of the Twitter Fam. Having the Ogilvy Twitterer run up with 'Lize? Lize The Unicorn? I HAD TO come meet you.' and hearing 'I don't follow you, but I do stalk you...'
  • indieBerries winning TWO Awards, after a fairly traumatic experience flying in from South Korea for this.
  • The Mermaid almost falling over the railings, almost taking off her shirt, making me touch her boobs then swearing at me because I wasn't doing it nicely enough [???] and then telling everyone that the only advice they need in life is 'NAME YOUR SON MARMADUKE, THEN PEE ON HIM, IN A CAMEL'. Thanks, Bear Grylls.
  • Mermaid to me: 'to me... you are... like.. a Google image... That is not pixelated... I can almost see you. And from here, you are amazing.'
All round a very successful event. Thanks to Chris for accommodating me, to One & Only for hosting a fabulous event, The Nazi for being my date ['Lize, we must be the most couply un-couple ever.'], and everyone for making it most enjoyable. Well done to all who won, and all who were nominated. See you next year!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I have come to realise that The Nazi [you remember him, right? The really really bad break up that led to the The Story of the Departed Driver’s Licence?] is my BFF, confidant and all-round awesome person without whom I, as it turns out, cannot survive. On Saturday he left for a 5-day mission paddling down the Orange River and I nearly died without his perpetual BBM wonderfulness, advice and company. I think I have abandonment issues. This is what his Facebook wall looked like while he was gone:
Saturday, 18 September, 20h24:
Oh my goodness. I am having serious Stef withdrawal. I am quietly hyperventilating inside. Also, I have cancer of the upper body and may have died by the time you return.If that happens... then I don't know. Something profound and last-wordsy etc.
Sunday, 19 September, 09h19:
Day 2. Withdrawal continues, but I have not yet died. Also, seeing Tracy tomorrow possibly, which might help. I can get all teary about how we used to talk and show her screen shots of our BBM conversation as I sob over the fact that you left me for this ridiculous river whatsit mission. Also, I came to a most profound... conclusion today. In three years I have gone from having 4 sugars in my coffee to just 1. I am an adult.
Uhff. EVERYONE is being a douchetard. And you are not here for me to complain to.
Monday, 20 September, 13h04:
Have made it to Monday without dying.
Also, have listened to The Suit Song 37 times since Saturday.
Tuesday, 21 September, 04h28:
Had dinner with Tracy last night. She now has a crazy person texting her. Long story. Then had a dream about you. But it was basically you driving, telling me about some girl. And me, bored. Very realistic, I think, except that your car was lime green. Up at 4 today, on air again. *blink blink*
Too little coffee. Too much Stef Withdrawal (note: upper case). Also, am I the ONLY person who writes on your wall?!
Just phoned Kurt Darren for his address.Stef, come back.
In the amount of time I have just spent fretting over the fact that I have no milk (just realised. Up at 4. To go now (but am already in bed and had a fucking long day) and get less sleep (4am is no joke) or have either no coffee tomorrow, or black coffee? What to do?!) I could probably have driven to the Free State, milked a cow and still had naps before 4am wake-up call. Tomorrow I'm driving around Pretoria in a Jeep with Kurt Darren giving out R200 000 to charity people things. On the plus side, you are back tomorrow and I can cease my perpetual panic due to Steflessness. Also, I conclude that I am, in fact, the only person who writes on your wall.
PS you are my favourite and I love you and I cannot wait for you to come back.
PPS if something has happened to you (death included) and you are, in fact, not coming back tomorrow because of this 'something', I will drive to Namibia (after fixing my rim which I have really royally fucked up) and drag your Nazi arse to my house and subject you to 24/7 uncensored stories of the dramas of my life. Dramas like, for example, this milk thing. Still haven't made my mind up re milk.
Listening to Suit Song. Play count: 52.
Wednesday, 22 September, 16h40:
Stef......WHERE ARE YOU?!?!
So, I just got a flight and am off to Cape Town in four hours [MERDE! MUST PACK!] to see him. Kidding. It's to attend to SA Blog Awards ceremony. The Just Plain Breakfast Blog made it to the top 2 for Best Radio/TV Blog.
More news later! For now, I must pack...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Change

Things are crazy right now. I'm at our Good Morning Angels golf day at Gardener Ross. I'm sitting at this golf estate, fingers too cold to type, in purple Pringle bobby socks with two computers in front of me as well as my Canon SLR, a Blackberry, a very temperamental wireless network and free cupcakes and -Starbucks all day. Can you handle it?
Anyway, yesterday. That is what this post is about. I woke up at 4am, picked up Kurt Darren [yeah, I know! Me too.] and spent the morning changing people's lives. Okay, I didn't do much, I just work for the people making it all happen. But it was amazing. I shed tears [more than once] and despite a bit of drama I came back feeling like my heart may explode. And I conclude that the best way to start any day it to make other people smile. It might even beat free Starbucks! [Okay, wait... I'm not sure. That's a bit of a toss up... Can't decide.]
Anyway, you can read more about the day here. We changed the lives of four families in four hours with R120 000.
Here are some pictures I took from the car in Pretoria CBD. I love it. The old buildings, the bustle, the mix of people, the giant Jacarandas. I love it all. I was one times Happy Unicorn, all fuzzy and warm inside.
And the best part? Anyone can make a difference. Because a small difference multiplied by a million people is a BIG difference.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Search for Cherry Red

Restaurant reviews. I don't do them. But I have just found the place that has validated a whole new feature in this blog. And that place is Thomas Maxwell Bistro.
After reading The Chef Princess' blog post about the restaurant here, I knew I had to try this place out. I mean, she's from Cape Town, and lists it as her favourite restaurant. Capetonians NEVER show Jo'burg that much love. It had to be pretty spectacular. And what better occasion than a friend visiting from the Mother City?
Tracy is one of those almost annoyingly perfect people. I love her very much, but I admit to frantically searching for a flaw in her. She is a pretty girl with a great body, brains AND the oh-so-uncommon gift of common sense. She is funny and sweet, she has a good career going, head screwed on right. She loves her family, is sure about her religion, exercises a lot and is the kind of optimistic, well-mannered girl you not only want to take home to mum and dad, but show to your kids someday and threaten them with their inheritance if they don't find a partner exactly like that. She walks in briskly, armed with poise, a big smile and an air that says she has been manically busy all day, even though she looks fresh and composed.
Tracy is also very charming. So when the two men behind us are delivered a ceramic tray stacked with cupcakes [cue my unstoppable '[Gasp!] Cupcakes!' in the otherwise hushed restaurant], she somehow gets us each a cupcake from them. I love her. I love them. I love Thomas Maxwell already.
The decor is eclectic without hurting the eyes. Bare brick walls and brass and leather chairs that look like something my parents may have sat on in school juxtapose crisp white linen to give it a cosy yet cosmopolitan feel. And the small touches keep it interesting- mismatched black and white tiling, a large pin stripe counter, luxurious fabrics and an array of objects that keep you looking back for more unexpected finds.
We ordered wine by the glass in light of both of us having to be up at ridiculously hours [me at 4am and Tracy at 5am] and I went with Klein Steenberg's Sauvignon, which was light and fresh, perfect for the lovely summery evening.
Tracy was perfectly boring and had a salad. She asked me not to mention her boringness but I have to. Although I have to add that Thomas Maxwell's 'make your own salad' is a great idea and so she got exactly what she wanted, always a plus. Can we have this sort of feature on a menu for men too, please? Ta.
I had, by Chef Princess' recommendation, mussels with garlic, lemon and parsley cream served with crispy pomme frites. The sauce was tasty without fighting for the spotlight with the strong flavour of the mussels and the portion size is perfect for mains. And indeed, who doesn't love an excuse to lick their fingers? Presentation is done beautifully [the mussels more rustic while the salad looked as though much effort had been put in] without the food presented such that one does not know quite how to negotiate the first bite.
Because of the cupcake starter we had, dessert was not ordered. No regrets, though, as it simply means I will have to return to Thomas Maxwell. I already have a mental list of what I will order next time.
But then came the best part. Those two men, with the cupcakes? They never ordered those. No. Those come with your bill. Instead of the done-to-death breath mints, Thomas Maxwell places before you your bill and a tower of cupcakes.
Yes, you heard me.
This is officially, then, the best restaurant. Globally. Number one in Lizeland. I will be back.
And not just for the cupcakes. Thomas Maxwell is cherry red.
The other exciting part of the night was [part 1] Tracy and I spotting some very fine looking mens and [part 2] Tracy sending her number to one of them! Outside, on the lotto card holder thing around the corner, Tracy scribbled a note on a page torn from my moleskine and sent it to their table with a waitress. Will there be a [part 3]? Stay tuned.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wars

Because we fight for the weekend to last forever.
Saturday was Adillah's birthday. To celebrate I joined her, her man [who is only the most perfect boyfriend on the planet], Kazi and Mpumi [Ministress of Snark] at The Westcliff Hotel. I hadn't seen Kazi and Mpumi in what felt like years, so this morning [turned afternoon] of fabulosity was WAY overdue.
The Westcliff comes highly recommended by many [including 2oceansvibe, so we know we're not playing around here], and there is a good reason for that. It is officially my favourite place in Jo'burg and I want to live there. Please can I?
Upon arrival a driver [mine was Calvin and he is just lovely] takes you to wherever you need to go in a Club Car. This is a blessing as The Westcliff is very hilly and of course one must wear heels to The Westcliff. There simply is no other way.
We went to the Polo Lounge for high tea. Boschendal Blanc du Noir [the official pink wine of Team Lilac], chocolate cake, cucumber sandwiches, mini haloumi wraps, scones with strawberries and cream and, of course, CUPCAKES. Top all of this delicious food off with a view to die for and the best friends a girl could ask for and you get the perfect Saturday! In fact, I think this may become a weekly ritual.
This does NO justice to the view. The infinity pool is also beyond amazing. We love infinity pools.
Gorgeous sisters of mucho mucho talent.
Birthday girl and her man, who flew in from England for this!
Shucks, you guys shouldn't have...
Fairly self-explanatory, I think.
Even if you have to pretend it's your birthday, do order one of these bad boys.
That is not lens flare. It's sprinklings of amaze.
Fabulous. Life is not kak.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Like You Are

Last weekend a most extraordinary thing happened.

On Saturday I went to the Top Billing Spring Event at Morrells [HIGHLY recommended- a gorgeous venue that makes you feel like you have left Joziville far behind]. It was lovely- the sights and smells of spring, pretty dresses and meeting wonderful women. At some point we had an image consultant, Janine from House of Janine, talking to us about dressing for our body shapes, skin tones and such. We talked about the different shapes there are [you’ve heard them before- apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle etc] and at some point we each had to mention which part of our bodies we love the most, and the part we love the least.

When it came to me, I couldn’t name which part I hated most!

Wait a second…

When did this happen?! When did I, a 22-year old girl living in a world riddled with seven foot stick figures with huge nunga-nungas, become absolutely, 100%, totes okay with my body?

Whoa. Like, whoa.

Let’s just take a moment here.

Even supermodels have body issues! I could list my imperfections: small boobs; VERY high hips; my elbows are a bit odd looking [actually, never mind, all elbows are a bit odd looking]; I am not tall; my left pinky toe was meant to be amputated years ago; I have no ear lobes… The list goes on.

But you know what?

I LOVE my body.

Big thighs. Still Happy Unicorn.

No waist. Still happy Unicorn.

Short legs. Still happy Unicorn.

After years of hating my love handles, and hating my tiny boobs, and thinking I have the ugliest ankles on the planet, I freaking love my body. I am wholly comfortable, I can look at it, and I spend much of my free time in lingerie, reading classics and eating cupcakes. I even considered putting up nude pictures of myself, but no. I just don’t see there being much demand for that… I can appreciate what I have going for me, and even appreciate the ‘flaws’. I have started to love exercise, be it in gym, dancing at a gig or just walking The Furkids at sunset, I enjoy healthy eating and I never deprive myself of the things I crave [cupcakes].

This is a small thing in the greater scheme of the universe and all that. But for me, it was pretty freaking rad. I might just start doing a Lingerie Lundi’ [that’s Monday in French]- a weekly post about love, gratefulness and why life is awesome., featuring lingerie of course. I know Wonderbra SA likes the idea.

So, here’s my challenge to girls out there: love your body. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done and we all have fat days. But just take one minute to point out to yourself what you love about your body.

Spend the day in lingerie.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Dance naked on your bed.

Go crazy.

Eat a cupcake.

And love your body, because it’s yours and it’s fabulous.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I don't want a freaking Kindle...

And this is why:
Dear Future Husband,
I want this one:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pocketful of Dreams

Yesterday I took impulsive trips to Cape Town to a whole new level. Let’s talk about living life…

On Sunday evening after gym I received the following text from my agent:

Request casting tomorrow for a new morning show. Bilingual, cool, intelligent, sense of humour and knowledgeable are NB criteria. Segments are sport, comedy, cooking, gossip, fashion, health and entertainment.

Let’s be honest, they may as well name this thing The Lize Kay Show!

But I politely declined as it was happening in 16 hours, 1 600 kilometers away, figuring there would be auditions in Jo’burg at some point.

Not the case. The auditions are only happening in Cape Town, and only for one day. Upon finding this out, I start to pace, and phone almost everyone whose opinion matters to me. To go, or not to go? Between my dad and I we concluded that I should go [turning down a closed audition is just not right and audition karma will bite you in the arse sooner or later] but I should communicate very carefully with my boss when asking for leave. I did not want him to think I was looking for anything else, or walking out on him, because I’m not.

So I packed an overnight bag on Sunday night, as an affirmation that I would be going to Cape Town.

Monday morning I head to studio earlier than usual and after establishing what kind of mood my boss is in [good] I asked if I could fly to Cape Town in a few hours. Without too many questions asked I was granted permission.

By 9am I had booked my flight. At 10am my credit card was declined. Between SAA, the bank and my sister, no one could tell me why this was happening. Cards are never declined in Lizeland. I was freaking out a tiny bit.

At 10h45 I got in my car and drove to OR Tambo International at the speed of Unicorn [very, very fast]. With nothing on me, not even my overnight bag, I ran from end of the airport to the other [in heels, of course], gave someone at SAA my debit card and requested they put the flight leaving soonest and coming back latest tonight on that card. An hour later I was on the plane.

Two hours later I landed in Cape Town and bolted as fast as I could so as to avoid Greasy Mullet Guy [don’t ask]. I was met by Jaco of Savvy Tours in one of these bad boys:

Not kak.

He even bought bottled water for me beforehand because he ‘figured I would be in a rush’. Oh. Oh my. This is most certainly the official driver of Lizeland from now on!

We drove to Tokai. I, with no make-up touch-ups and still in my work clothes [see, this is why I dress well every day! In case of having to fly across the country for auditions!], floated in [no running now, must stay composed in manner of experienced auditioner] and auditioned. We left.

Afterwards we had drinks at the Radisson Blu which definitely has the best view ever [globally] for sundowners- Me, The Nazi And Margs.

Not kak at all.

And not 5 hours after landing in Cape Town, I was back on a plane, heading home. I passed out before we took off and woke up after half of the passengers had left the plane. I was exhausted! Excitement is tiring.

Today is boringly normal. I have an excitement hangover, though, as a reminder of yesterday’s craziness.

Excitement hangover.

And I learnt the following:

  • When people say something is not ‘meant to be’ because it doesn’t work out easily or immediately, don’t listen to them.
  • You can probably make it happen. It might be stressful, and expensive, and you might have to run a long way in heels. But you can make it happen.
  • It’s worth making stuff happen.
  • Traveling from one end of a country to the other and back in the space of 9 hours will make you feel a bit like a jetsetter.
  • Luxury SUVs do wonders for nervous Unicorns.
  • Do not talk to greasy mulleted men on planes. Ew.
  • Always live life. Be stupid. Be crazy. Be impulsive.
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories [Continued]

There really is only one thing to report on for Friday in Cape Town.
I made my hair blue. I don't know how I did this. I washed it with the same shampoo as always, which usually makes it wonderfully platinum, like this:
Well, it looks a bit yellow here, but you get the point.
This time, however, the result was not as desired.
Me: Aaaaaah! [Runs in to The GBF's bedroom] SIMON! MY HAIR IS BLUE!!!
GBF: Nah, it's more of a gentle lilac.
Gotta love the gays. At some point The GBF's housemate said she liked it.
Asian Housemate of GBF: Your hair is... like... blue! I love it.
GBF [later]: See, she liked it?
Me: She's ASIAN. She probably thinks I have a pet Pokemon stashed in my Aldo bag. Of COURSE she likes my blue hair.
Oh yeah, baybay!
Once I felt okay enough to step outside [avec blue hair], The GBF and I went to Delaire for a tour of the hotel and a glass of vino.
Oh. Em Gee.
Dear Future Husband, PLEASE take me there. Every weekend.
It was so good, I even mastered a fabulous laugh + half-turn + flicking of hair over shoulder in the short time I spent there. There are no words. I DIE of fabulosity.
We then went for lunch at 5 Ryneveld, which was amazing as always. I do recommend their falafel burger with red pepper hummus. I also recommend going there with a GBF who will feed you tomato and cucumber bits with a teeny tiny spoon from a teeny tiny silver bowl. La Jew had the black mushroom and figs burger. Equally recommendable unless, like me, you're feeling a little worse for Bohemia wear and can only handle so much fungus inside you. The GBF had an ostrich burger. I cannot recommend this as I am a vegetarian, but he said it was great.
That night we went to Neighbourhood, meeting up with The Mermaid, Nashville, Snoddie, Byron and had another ex fest. This time The Nazi, The Sweetheart and The Gay Ex [Love of my life] were there. No hassles, though, and a good time was held by all.
Except, of course, that my hair was blue.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories [Continued]

As mentioned before, my reason for going to Cape Town was to 'model' for Le Jew. Laughable, if you think about it, because I am not at all a model. I was quite sure my runway debut would end like this:
So, I'm at Bohemia waiting for Le Jew, having drinks with Rolandd. I haven't eaten much, but I figure that this is helping me get in character of Model Extraordinaire.
Le Jew is late. He is also, by the sounds of things, quite stressed. I, on the other hand, am quite relaxed and chipper [read: tipsy]. By the time he gets to Bohemia we have one times giggly model, one times stressed designer and one times large slab of chocolate. By the time we get to the venue, the latter is no longer with us.
Val de Vie is lovely! It is far away from everything, but totally worth the effort. Combine polo, the winelands and luxury living and you get one times Happy Unicorn. [Dear Future Husband, please take me there.] But the decadence is, today, interrupted by furious bustling of stressed designers, excited models, judges and a general crowd likely high on hairspray by now.
The Jew and I are WAY late. We still need to do hair, make-up and sew my dress onto me! There is chaos around everything- numbers, order, judging, shoes and WHERE THE HELL ARE MY TEENY TINY SATURDAY NIGHT UNDIES???
My dress... Is not a dress. I am naked. Well, almost. There are chains involved. And BIG shoes [which have stockings pulled over them, making them even more slippery]. I am also wearing no make-up at all, my hair resembles a bird's nest [with braids] and I can only imagine that the cherry on top will be a major bail on the runway.
But by some miracle of the fashion gods, I did not fall. I walked to the end, halfway back, back to the end and then all the way back without slipping, tripping or falling on my face. I even posed, and did not burst out laughing. In fact, I think I totally pulled it off.
Big shoes + chains. Grr!
Just taking myself totes seriously as Model Unicorn.
Here's looking at you, non-models.
Does this make my bum look big?
It was actually quite enjoyable in the end. Thank you to Le Jew for choosing me [and promising me future jobs with him, where I will actually wear something], The GBF and La Jew [note: girl Jew] for coming to support. Keep an eye on this one, he's going to make it big someday. I mean, just look at his coat design:
Fab. Life, my friends, is just plain freaking fabulous.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mother City Madhouse Memories [Continued]

Where were we? Ah, yes. Thursday night. Sleep, here:
To repeat myself: not kak.
Woke up on Friday morning thanks to my inability to sleep late, combined with receiving 5 million work emails, calls and texts. -sigh-
After room service [ah, I love the Cape Royale more and more] SLK and I headed to Camps Bay for brunch with Beatnik Bazaar and Lauren Fowler. Omelettes, coffee and fab friends. Oh, and let's not forget the view! [Unfortunately Sandbar had closed [sad face, and how very dare they not inform us!], and so we had to settle for this:]
But it wasn't too kak.
[No, seriously. When I say 'not kak', please know I am pulling the proverbial leg of the mystical reader. I mean 'pretty awesome', 'way rad', 'absolutely unbelievable', 'OMShatteredSoul I can die now!'... You get the point. When in doubt, do not take me seriously.]
After brunch SLK and I headed to Stellenbosch. Here we met up with The GBF and after some quick catching up it was time for me to meet up with Rolandd.
Who is Rolandd?
A while back I got an unexpected Facebook message from one Rolandd Thompson, [subject: gratitude] saying that he had been following my blog for a while and had a gift for me. One Rolandd Thompson did go to school with me [well, I was in a girls school but his school was basically our step-brother school and his school was just up the road from my school so we basically went to school together] but seeing as we were never THAT close [we just had many many friends in common and saw each other pretty often], and in light of the fact that I did not imagine him the type of person to follow or appreciate my blog, I figured it was a different Rolandd Thompson. But no. It was, in fact, THE Rolannd Thompson I was thinking of.
We set off to Bohemia [also my second home while I lived in Stellenbosch], and Rolandd's gift was a Kid Robot Unicorn/Zebra figurine which he felt he needed to pass on to me. Her name is Mildred, and this is she, happy with me in the office:
Mildred, babe, that vintage belt is TOTES bringing out the colour of your horn.
After a fun afternoon of talking and laughing and way more drinks than I planned on consuming at Bohemia, I left for...
The Fashion Show.
You may remember that that is the whole reason I went to Cape Town? Yup. But more on that later. This post is to point out, once again, the power of one to make another's day. I mean, how rad is Mildred? A Unicorn [note: upper case] from a high school friend that was never even a BFF. Rolandd, you are made of awesome and will be made Minister of Awesome Thoughtfulness and Rad Surprises in Lizeland.
Another '1 thing to do today': Be thoughtful. Surprise someone. Get them the tiniest thing [expensive helps] that will totes make them smile.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neighbour Riffs

I am loving snail mail at the moment. I have BFFs in Canada [Fulton], Turkey [Nash Pash], Taiwan [Pengyou] and somewhere in Europe [The Model]. And while Facebook, blogging and Twitter are all very convenient, I have recently re-discovered the joys of brown envelopes and hand-written letters. It started with 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Books', but more on that later. This blog is about indieBerries and magical musical mixtapes.
A while ago I was informed that one Ché Kershaw was following me on Twitter. Ché and I went to school together, we were in the same boarding house [she is a few years older than I] and the relationship was something like this:
[Except for the dress. I failed every single dress check from grade 8 until matric. Also, note, I kept the same dresses from grade 8 until matric.]
So I kind of always adored Ché [in a non-creepy way], which made me click on her profile. This, in turn, led to my discovering her blog. The above cartoon was stolen from her blog, and I suggest you head over there right now. Also, please vote for her in the SA Blog Awards. She deserves it, and she won't shut up about it.
A while ago Ché asked on her Facebook status who wanted her last magical musical mixtape. I happened to be on Facebook at the time and eagerly nominated myself. And today, it arrived. I've been off sick for half of the day [something between glandular fever, mumps and cancer of the head, I am not sure] and this made my day!
Let's have a look at the contents of this package:
1. This note:
I support this wish.
2. A letter:
For those who are unable to read it, it says:
Dear Lize,
This was the closest thing I could find in my house that resembles a *UNICORN*.
-> Don't worry, I gave him a magical pink horn- good for three wishes =)
Enjoy the magical musical mixtape.
Peace, love and happiness.
I mean, isn't that amazing?! Mind: blown.
But it does not end there.
3. The actual CD.
First, one must mention the CD cover. Hand-made by Che [if you want to know how to make these, click here.
She totally gets me.
The track listing is also pretty amazing:
  1. Florence & The Machine- Dog Days Are Over
  2. The Arcade Fire- Rebellion
  3. Phoenix- Girlfriend
  4. Cold War Kids- Mexican Dogs
  5. Matisyahu- Time of Your Song
  6. Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi- Symphonies
  7. The Format- I Am Ready
  8. Shiny Toy Guns- Chemistry of a Car Crash
  9. Owl City- Cave In
  10. The Magic Numbers- Morning's Eleven
  11. The National- Slow Show
  12. Shiny Toy Guns- Don't Cry Out
  13. Kid Cudi- Day 'n Night
  14. The Shins- New Slang
  15. Eminem feat. Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie
  16. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Come in Please
  17. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
I mean, come on! How much of wow? So much of wow!
And let us not forget the bonus tracks:
  1. Winterplay- Cha Cha [a jazzy Korean band]
  2. Shakira feat. Freshlyground- Wakka Wakka [because she is so proudly South African, even two months after Philip left us.]
I love this kind of thing. I love surprises, thoughtfulness and people who make life a little brighter. So MY '1 thing to do today' is to write a letter to a friend. Even if that person lives down the road from you. And if you can make it a surprise by slipping it under their door or delivering it at their workplace, so much the better. Because we have to realise that each of us have the power to make someone's day.
Thanks, Ché. May your blog win and your your life be filled with strawberries and ongoing loveliness.