Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Run Run Run Run Run!

The reasons my blog is quieter than usual at the moment is that the launch of my website is imminent. So I'm trying to store the cool ideas I have for when that launches. This is why I have not gone into much detail of my latest 'thing': running.
I did horseriding at school, which is not only one of the most expensive sports in the world, but also one of the most time-consuming. So when I ran it was sporadic, meaning I never really got very fit. Also, I injured my knee quite badly in a showjumping accident in 2001. So, other sports were not participated in often by me. But after 13 years of horse riding, I sold my pony and now I have a new goal: to run 5km.
Unicorn running effortlessly.
The Spar Women's Challenge is dubbed 'South Africa's Most Beautiful Road Race'. It is sponsored by Jacaranda [where I work]. It would also fall on the very last day of my 5km training programme, that day's training being 'Run 5km' [duh]. All signs pointed in the right direction, and I started training, mostly at Virgin Active.
It is only 4 days until the race and where once I thought I would surely die running this thing, I now feel quite ready. I have slowed my pace from 10km/h to 9km/h when training so as to not exhaust myself and put myself off running. While I may not be able to complete Saturday's race in any record time, I am confident I will compete without walking once and without dying. [If I don't blog within, let's say, 5 days of the race, assume that I did, in fact, die mid-race].
Today my race shirt arrived. It is pink. I am excited. It also matches my pink Power Balance band. Running is so much more fun in pink!
Me, excited.
More feedback on the programme I'm using after the race. If I survive, of course. But I highly recommend it, that's all I'll say for now.
PS. the title of this post is not just completely random and dumb. Ten points to whomever can tell which band and/or song I'm referring to.

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polkadotcupcake said...

ahahahaha. I just found your blog, and spent a good 20 minutes giggling over your escape town posts.. Nice one. Some girls are crazy, aren't they? eish.