Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Lessons from Escape Town: Part Deux

Happy birthday, Mermaid.

So, as I mentioned, I saw everyone in Cape Town. Eeeeeveryone. And it was rad, and just because I missed everyone so much, they all look amazing! It started on Thursday night, when we drove to Chevelle straight from the airport for the aKing video launch, which I missed. Do you know how late you have to be for a gig to miss it entirely in Cape Town? VERY late. But the party was not over, and even when Chevelle unceremoniously kicked us out, we took our vibe over to Shack. Ah, Shack, my old friend. The cause of many too-late parties the night before Mandarin exams with TaiwaNina.
Friday night was spent at Mercury, after drinks with The Nazi, Stormin, bangersandnash and The Mermaid at Neighbourhood which was, as usual, too full. But I saw everyone, even some old school friends! Thereafter we went to Mercury to continue celebrating The Mermaid’s birthday, and at the gig I saw everyone again- muso friends, radio friends, photographer/designer/artist friends [read: whole of Cape Town]. Of course this party too was taken to Shack, where we saw everyone that is part of everyone we had not yet seen. On Saturday it was time to return to MY town, Stellenbosch, and my second home, Bohemia. But after just one Black Label special [2 for R15, have you ever???] I saw some rugby friends I had met in Welkom during Craven Week [small world, ey?] and we [Margs, La Jew and I] were dragged to Nu’bar. I hate the place, but who am I to say no to free alcohol?
Nu’Bar is too full of people I don’t know but who [apparently] know me, and too loud with music I don’t like. But we’re sticking it out for the sake of getting expensive free drinks without having to put out [score!], when Margs whispers [read: shouts at top of lungs over loud music] ‘It could just be someone who looks very much like him, but is that The Cyclist I see across the bar?]
Oh. Eff. The Cyclist. Remember, he’s the one my mum loves so much? When I said I saw everyone, this ex was not included. Not to mention how good he looks! Damn. And we have not spoken for two years as he hates me for a) breaking up with him and b) dating his best friend a few months later. [I didn’t know, okay? I DID NOT KNOW! I swear!] Undecided as to whether I should say hi or make a run for it, we end up being shoved quite into one another’s faces. So, hello it is. Eff. This is going to be AWFUL.
But no. It is not awkward in the slightest. He no longer hates me [although admits he DID hate me for quite some time], and we chat like we’re old friends. Cycling, horse riding, studying, work, hair [he is the ultimate metro man and I love it- he always smells amazing, he is clean and his hair is nice. What is not to love?] and, of course, love life. Turns out he knows EVERYTHING about me, from my tattoo to who I dated and where I’m working. A bit creepy [although the latter can be owed to his having a television.] We end up in Springboks. You know you will suffer from a stupid, irresponsible night for the next day [or week] if you end up there. There’s a fight at the door [of course] and we’re all ‘it’s good to see you, la la la’ and I end up sleeping over at his house.
Major facepalm! I’m waking up going ‘WHAT were you thinking? WHY do you do these stupid things????’ BlockquoteSelf-loathing ensues.
After sneaking out with him [I do NOT need his family to be questioning me right now], I feel a rush of nostalgia. Nice car, driving by a stunning view on a perfect day, with this utterly gorgeous male. My mum is, of course, over the moon. And me? I’m still in the same clothes as the night before. But honestly, it was gooooooooood.
So, here’s a lesson: Never say never. Also, expect the unexpected. Read: always carry a toothbrush in your handbag.

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