Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

I saw a clairvoyant today. It was an appointment sponsored by Meggy [after shoes I can barely afford food, let alone personal help] for helping her move. So I went to see Robynne [note compulsory extra letters for flair and mystery].
My future looks quite bright. Very bright, in fact. Did I need someone else to tell me that I will NOT die fat, alone and unsuccessful? Yes, I did. Right now it served simply as a nice little booster for a little girl feeling quite down and out.
But I am not going to believe every single word she uttered. Instead, I have kept the paper on which I jotted what she said, and we'll see what happens, shall we?
I can tell you, however, that there IS a future husband! Yes, ladies and gents, Lize is going to find someone stupid enough to actually 'for better or for worse' her. AND have kids [hopefully in the very distant future]!
Also, if you drive a charcoal grey car: lock your doors.
If you are a girl friend of mine and are not married: do not have unprotected sex.
If you do any action sports, be careful.
If you are blonde and your name begins with C, take care of your stomach.
AND if your name begins with N, A, T or S: hurry up with my good news already!
Don't get freaked out if you are any of the above. I am totally kidding.

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