Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nothing Better

Last year I busied myself with a lot of things. Well, obviously 'a lot' is subjective, but for a 20 year-old, this seemed like a lot.
I got up at 04h30 every day to be at studio at MFM at 5am to do the Breakfast Show from 6-9am. I had 22 lectures a week, my majors being Political Science, English and Mandarin. I also had 2 extra modules. I co-ran a website called LifeAfter5 with The GBF, writing features, taking photographs and trying out new restaurants. I wrote for YourLMG, One Small Seed and occasionally the campus paper. This entailed going to gigs a couple of times a week to write reviews and get photographs, getting me into bed some time around 2am- not ideal for someone with a 04h30 wake-up call. I had this blog, and I did shows twice a month on MK. I also kept a fairly healthy social life alive, and always managed to dress well before running out the door. I was busy.
I hate not being busy. I work well under extreme pressure, and the more I do, the more I get done.
This year is different. Mondays are all Supersport- whether I am flying somewhere or driving-, between meetings, facs checks, make-up and rehearsal, Mondays are out for anything but work.
Tuesday afternoons from 3pm I help out at an orphanage, then I have class from 5-7pm.
Wednesday mornings I have class from 9am until we finish [which may not be later than 1pm], and then I'm back at the orphanage until 5pm.
Thursdays to Sundays I do whatever I want. This is a bit of university work, some admin, housekeeping [or makeovering, in my case] and a lot of shopping.
As I write this I am still in my pyjamas, and the clock has just struck 12. It is afternoon, and I am still in my pyjamas! So, I have learnt a fairly important skill this year: how to relax. I realised a few years ago I find it impossibly stressful to lie on the couch doing nothing. I am always finding something to do, fidgeting, making plans and I sometimes think I leave everything to the last second just for the thrill of it, the ongoing quest to never find myself standing still! But here I am, chilling. I still cannot sleep later than 9am or I panic that I have wasted a day of my life. But I am watching more television [good film and the mindless stuff like lifestyle programmes], I am reading more [just finished Jude the Obscure which has shot to close to the top of my list, now onto In Cold Blood] and I am learning how to 'take it easy'. I still get done what needs to be done, but I also find time to sit down and eat, rather than going through a day forgetting to eat or, as sometimes happened, pee.
So, although it seems everyone is more expert at relaxing than I am, I have a tip: chill. Things to do on this long weekend Saturday: watch a good film; watch Man U vs Chelsea later [and do cheer for Chelsea, please]; read Jude the Obscure; walk your dog [especially if it has taken to chewing every thing you own] and go shopping. Speaking of shopping, I have found [after 6 years of questing] the perfect boots. And no, I am not telling you where they're from.
So, enjoy this Saturday being useless and getting fat! That's an order.
PS. I need a job. I am bored out of my mind.

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