Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Drug

I once saw pictures Liam had taken, which had in them what had to be South Africa's most well-dressed male. His name, I later found out, is Christopher Wagner and I was instantly a fan. I met him at Oppikoppi last year and seeing as I was so smoorverlief with his style, I ran about a hundred meters back to where Liam and I had said goodbye to him, just to tell him exactly what I thought of his dress sense [think every positive adjective in your vocabulary]. Since then we have hung out more often, bumping into one another at gigs and things like Audi Joburg Fashion Week. Now, he has gotten me onto what has to be the worst addiction I have ever had: Lookbook.
I have used half of my cap for this month, and it is because of Lookbook. Check it out, and please do have a look at my profile and - 'looks' here.
Enjoy the addiction!
PS. Also DO check out SuperSneakyStreetScene.


Chris said...


Dankie meisiekind ! :)

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