Friday, April 2, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Hello, it's me [for a change].
I have been neglecting this blog. It was a combination of settling in to a very new lifestyle and starting designing a website. So, soon you will be clicking on for something that is even cooler than this!
The following post has no specific agenda. It's a ranty-updaty-I'm-still-alive post, just for just. I was going to do this yesterday, but with April Fucking Fools you would probably not even have clicked on the link in case something stupid happened, like the computer told you you're pregnant and before you can even stop and remember you're a virgin you're so wound up and suicidal, and just as you're about to hang yourself with a laptop charger you get an e-mail saying 'You're an idiot. But if you want a bigger penis, click here.'
Let's start with an update. I have moved from Stellenbosch to Pretoria [but you know this because it happened in January]. I am doing honours in Media and Culture Studies at Tuks, but don't ask me how that is going. So far my marks are good, but between only having classs twice a week and knowing all of three people in campus, it hardly feels like I am studying. It's just so different from Stellenbosch where you not only live in campus [because the entire town is 'campus'], but I also got there at 5am every day for work, and had at least 4 lectures a day. So, studies: 'whatever'. It just doesn't feel like a big feature in my life.
I moved into a 2-bedroom house [and I live alone because I don't like people and I had my fair share of psycho flatmates in Stellenbosch], and much of my free time has been spent home makeovering. The living-/dining room area is finally done, and it looks amazing. Now to muster the strength to start on my bedroom. But seriously, it is hard work and it looks great, so please come visit and tell me how great it looks.
I got a job. For 8 weeks I presented Varsity Cup on Supersport, and I loved it! I had a lot of fun being on camera but also working with my crew [which, in two months, included ONE other female]. I was recognised by many people [which is great not for the 'fame' bullshit, but for being recognised for what I do], every Monday I received about 15 Friend Requests on Facebook [IGNORE] and I even got one times hate mail. Maties also won, like we knew they would. It was great! Varsity Cup is over now so who knows what's next, but if I could stay in sports television I would.
Speaking of work, I miss radio every day. I am trying to get back in, but I understand that walking out of a community radio station into something big is going to take time, hard work and standing out. And as hard as I am on myself [I am currently one step away from depression over 'What next?' and 'I'm not doing anything with my life!'], I had something of a revelation last year, and it went like this: 'Lize, you are only 21. Chill the fuck out.' I am trying.
I love Pretoria. The people are great and making friends is easy. For my industry, work is better [and more plentiful]. I have been back to Stellenbosch and Cape Town a few times for work, and though I miss the scenery and things I used to do there, I miss the people the most. But people tend to act like the Cape is perfect and everything else is terrible. It's not, on both accounts. I love Pretoria, and though I sometimes miss Cape Town I know I could never live in Stellenbosch again. But it's the people, not the place...
Now, for a little rant. I have seen 3 people in the last few days who are guilty of this, and I must voice my opinion. Said people are Afrikaans. Yet they choose to write, blog, tweet, speak and do all the other 'communication' things in English. Why? Fuck knows. I have a feeling it has to do with 'acceptance'. Maybe accessibility? But why would you suffer through the labour of writing in the language that is not the language of your mind, to produce a piece of writing so ridden with errors that it may as well be a different language altogether? If you think it better to write in English because more people can understand it, think again: those English people are more likely to give up halfway through whatever you are saying because your grammatical abomination is making their eyes bleed and the laptop is starting to fizz. Instead of trying so desperately to 'fit in' and cater for the masses, why not embrace your differentness? There are countless people in South Africa [and the world, obviously] who only speak one language, which I find a little sad. So, be proud that you can speak something other than English, and cater for those who are with you. Also, you're more likely to get it right. Small things like there vs. their, to vs. too and spelling errors doth a bad writer make. And yes, I am Afrikaans. The difference is I went to an English pre-primary and -high school, where I took English first language on Higher Grade. I think in English, therefore I am, in English.
Stay tuned, I'm back on the blog. More stuff coming soon.
Also, Happy Easter to my believer-friends, especially Mpumi, who is smart and funny and talented and all-round amazing, and Skillie, who is one of the goodest people I know. Note I did not blaspheme in this post.
Enjoy, and before you tuck into that next chocolate bunny, think about my reasons for not eating chocolate. [Sorry to kill your vibe, slotters].

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