Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eddie Izzard in South AFrica

I am sure we can all agree that Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest men currently alive. And as far as I know ancient times weren't exactly all fun and games, so let's call him one of the funniest men ever.
Now, the important thing is that he is coming to South Africa. It's a 46664 gig, and you can catch him in Durban 1 and 6 February at the Durban ICC, in Cape Town 4 and 5 February at the CTICC and in Joburg 2 and 3 February at the Nelson Mandela Theatre.
I got onto booking tickets immediately, and imagine the tears when I found out that Johannesburg was already sold out. So I started planning a road trip to Durban and such, but I took my chances at Tweeting him to ask him to add another show to the Joburg leg. It went like this:
lizetheunicorn @eddieizzard have more shows in Jo'burg, please! Rumour has it they're all sold out.
And lo and behold, he added another show! Coincidence? I think not.
Be there, or you suck.
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mattyoaks said...

I cannot believe this is the first I am hearing of this, more than a month too late! dammit