Thursday, January 14, 2010

Balthazar back in SA

For those of you who were at Oppikoppi Smoorverlief in 2009, it was awesome. But that's not really my point here...
You may remember a Belgian band that graced the Most Amazing Myn Stage. Their name is Balthazar and it turns out they loved us so much that they're heading back to South Africa for two more shows.
The first is in Cape Town. It happens on 26 March at Mercury.
But the one you really want to go to is in Johannesburg on 28 March. It's Joburg Burning in Melville, and other bands include Ashtray Electric, Fire Through the Window, Wrestlerish [are you in musical heaven yet? I am], The Uncut, Josie Field and The Shadowclub.
So, be there, and show some support to a band coming a very long way to see us. And join their Facebook Fan Page.

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ravi said...

they were absolutely awesome at Oppi... rad that they're back!