Thursday, December 31, 2009

Africa 1000 on the Adventure Bus- Part 1

This may well be the most rushed blogpost I ever write, but I felt the need to update you on my most amazing holiday ever [goodness, I can't believe it's only been a few days] and put it all in words before I forget.
Ess arrived on Sunday, and Margs on Monday. Monday was spent sorting out admin- from international driver's licences and third party insurance to malaria medication and board games! It was a tiring day, but good organisation has made this trip run fairly smoothly. We set off on Tuesday morning, not getting started as early as we would have liked [you know how these things go!], and we crossed the border into Botswana. The drive was long, and initially the country looks much like South Africa [as can be expected]. We were told that speeding is a major offense here and stuck to the [sometimes absurd] speed limits, meaning we were going nowhere slowly. Eventually we had to stop short of our goal destination, and managed to hook up a free stay at Nata Lodge. After driving in the rain all night, we passed out and not much else.
The next morning was another early start, and we decided to stay in Chobe. Elephants roam the main road, and we saw [and nearly hit!] plenty. Anyway, one again we had free accomodation! We were taken on a game 'drive' along the river, had some sundowners and saw elephant, hippos, crocodiles and letchwe. That night we had a lovely dinner and went on a game drive. Not 2km from our house, we found ourselves on top of a bakkie, watching a herd of buffalo being stalked by a lone lion, as well as some hyena, a wildcat, crocodiles, a lone hippo, nightjars and stork.
Today we slept in, had a slow breakfast [not on the road], and set off for the border. This took a long time and it was near-unbearably hot, but the ferry ride across the rover was cool. We are staying in a great backpacers in Livingstone called Jollyboys, equipped with bar, restaurant, pool, a 'chill out' zone and a great vibe! Once again, this is free of charge. We just returned from the Victoria Falls and nothing could have prepared me for how awesome they are! Three wows, and too many exclamation marks here. It is something everyone must see!
For now, we're off to have ourselves a jol, and bring in 2010 in the best possible way. Tomorrow we'll stay in Lusaka, and then it's finally off to Malawi. Photos will come soon, and they are worth the wait!
Happy 2010!

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