Monday, November 9, 2009

Wrestlerish's Werner Olckers at Shack

With two exams happening the following day [Mandarin exams, I might add], plus the fact that I get up at 4.30am for work every day, I should really have stayed home, studied, and gotten a good night’s sleep on this day. But, I mean, a big fat F would be a small price to pay to see this gig.
First up was Paul Melis of Yes Sir! Mister Machine. If you have seen this band live, you will know that they are really, really good, but also that they are pretty hardcore. So seeing Paul going solo, with but one guitar and a totally laid-back vibe was quite a surprise. Though they are difficult to make out, Yes Sir! Mister Machine’s tracks have beautiful lyrics, and it comes as no surprise that Paul writes most of their music. He played a short set of acoustic songs that made me sit up and really notice this musician.
We busied ourselves with consuming much alcohol [R5 shooters? It would be rude to say no!] until Werner Olckers finally sat down in front of the microphone. The crowd congregated around him with palpable eagerness, visibly eager for him to start. The set was short, and though one or two of our favourite tracks were excluded due to his being unable to do it justice sans the rest of the merry Wrestlerish men, it was a gig that will quietly stay in everyone’s minds for a long time. Werner has a clear voice that is exquisite without being too much to handle. His songs are equally superb, and just by looking around at the faces of his fans it was quite obvious his music touched every one of us. Most present knew the words to every song, a great thing to see considering the band is still fairly new, and not even from Cape Town. And if Cape Town welcomes anyone with open arms, you know it’s got to be good. Watch this space, and learn the words to their songs. Trust me.
From there on, the night got horribly out of hand. I remember many a purple shooter, beers, cheers and eventually losing count. I remember driving back with Wrestlerish blaring, because one could never get enough, nor grow tired of it.
PS. By some miracle or fluke, I passed my exam. I think I’ll arrange for Wrestlerish to play before all of my exams, and I have a feeling nobody would protest.

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