Thursday, November 5, 2009

They're Singing Deck The Halls, But It's Not Like Christmas At All

As I mentioned, shops are already littered with kitsch Christmas [sorry, I believe they call is X-mas] decorations.
I don't like Christmas much, but I do like gifts [giving and receiving], so I have started on my Christmas list.
And around this time every year I attempt to make a Christmas CD. Now, after cutting out Jessica Simpson's Jingle Bell Rock and the rest of its godawful family, I am left only with Christmas [Baby, Please Come Home] by Death Cab For Cutie. Of course there are many classics, but by the time the 'adults' are sokkie-ing, brandy-soaked, to Cliff Richards and Nat King Cole for the millionth consecutive hour, there is much appeal in the idea of heading to bed, and putting on something to take your mind off the million "You've gotten so big"s and "When are YOU getting married?"s.
Well, it's Christmas come early [literally], thanks to Julian Casablancas. For those of you who watch Saturday Night Live [SNL], you will be familiar with the classic I Wish It Was Christmas Today. I think it is supposed to be I Wish It WERE Christmas Today, but that is not the point. Julian Casablancas has covered the track! So while your family is torturing you, remember that you do secretly love them very much. You can do this while listening to cool music, and you might want to imagine Julz [yup, with a Z. Because that is how we rollz] serenading you. He is, after all, quite pretty: Listen to the track here.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas hit is LadyGa(g)Ga(g)-Christmas Tree.