Monday, November 30, 2009

MK Awards Nominations Are OUT!

And you can begin voting now. Nominations are listed below, as well as a few comments from me [because it is, after all, MY blog], and who my choice would be, in italics.
Best Video:
aKing feat Khayelitsha Black Mambaso- In The Twilight [better than 'You and I' which was a cool video and whatever but why in the name of all that is good was it necessary to fly all the way to South America to shoot something you could have done on the West Coast?]
Crash Car Burn: Heroes
Fokofpolisiekar: Antibiotika [not quite 'Ek Skyn Heilig' (yeah yeah, call me biased, you bitches) but still good]
Foto Na Dans: Natuurlik Verlig
The Dirty Skirts: Daddy Don’t Disco
The Parlotones: Push Me To The Floor
Best Group:
Die Heuwels Fantasties: Sonrotse
eF-eL: Sing My Net Aan Die Slaap
New Holland: Uhuru
Straatligkinders: Gewonde Standbeeld
The Parlotones: Push Me To The Floor [can we please open our eyes to bands other than The Parlowanks and Knob Circle?]
Van Coke Kartel: Wat Het Van Ons Geword?
Best Solo Artist:
It would appear we cannot find a decent solo artist in this country. Remember last year, when Lianie May beat Dan Patlanksy? Let's not have a repeat of such idiotic voting, please.
Albert de Wet: 3 Jaar
Jax Panik: Hit Or Miss
Jesse Clegg: Today
Josie Field: Law Of Attraction
Vaughan Gardiner: Gooi Jou Arms Om My
Best Special Effects:
Cutout Collective: 8-bit Logic
Dear Reader: Great White Bear [though I find it shameful they were only nominated in this section. Europe laughs at us.]
The Cavalier: Lonely King Of Hearts
The Parlotones: Overexposed
The Sick Leaves: All These Foolish Things I’ve Said
Best Newcomer:
Colour Blind: My Identiteit [WHO]
Die Lewens: Die Soet Revolusie [THE]
Gazelle: Die Verlore Seun
Locnville: Sun In mY Pocket
Macgyver Knife: What Do You Mean? [HELL?]
Best Colab:
aKING ft Khayelitsha Black Mambaso: In the twilight
Die Heuwels Fantasties ft Soweto Gospel Choir, HHP & JR: Our heritage
Koldproduk & Straatligkinders: Desvalido
Martin Rocka ft Tamara Dey: Knock knock
Winterstasie ft Bouwer Bosch: Outokrasie van die hart
Neon: [I am not exactly sure what 'neon' means, though I assume something along the lines of electro?]
Flash Republic: Twister
Goldfish: Soundtracks and comebacks
Haezer ft Jax Panik: Sirens in the night
Kidofdoom: Gotham city
Yesterday's Pupil: Lines and colours
Best International Hit:Bold[not that this has much to do with MK. Maybe Lady Ga[g]Ga[g] or the B.E.P will grace us with their presence...]
Black Eyed Peas: I got a feeling
Green Day: 21 Guns
Kings of Leon: Sex on fire [not my favourite Kings Of Leon track by FAR, but while I recognise her music is cool and unique, Lady Gaga scares me and it only the most overplayed artist of the year. Second is The Black Eyed Peas.]
Lady Gaga: Poker face
Linkin Park: New divide
Campus Hit:
Colour Blind: My identiteit [Why have an English band name when a. there is the Afrikaans version of it and b. YOUR SONGS ARE AFRIKAANS? Explain to me, please.]
Die Heuwels Fantasties: Pille vir kersfees
Koldproduk & Straatligkinders: Desvalido
eF-eL: Sindikaat
Cutout Collective: 8-bit logic
Skinny Jeans Tune: [again, why not just say 'Indie', or whatever category you wish to convey with your kak wording?]
Ashtray Electric: Quite overstared [Why are they only in ONE category? Nevertheless, you may remember they beat Zebra and Giraffe last year. Yes, yes they did.]
eF-eL: Sindikaat
Pretty Blue Guns: Bad liver blues
Taxi Violence: Devil 'n pistol
Zebra & Giraffe: Oxymoron
Sexy: [I am quite sure sexy should have inverted commas. Have you heard the Jizz In My Pants 'reply' song, Puke In My Mouth? That is what this category makes me do.]
Diesel en die Dats: Super sexy
Kurt Darren: Kaptein
Robbie Wessels: Player 23
Snotkop: Katrien
Wicus van der Merwe: Spietkop
[I refuse to put 'my choice' here. My choice would be to scrap this category. Sies!]
Best Pop Artist:
Eden: Kniee lam
Elizma Theron: Ek soek jou
Izak Davel: Is jy in of is jy uit?
Kurt Darren: Kaptein
Nicholis Louw: Generaal
[No comment, although I think the above a no-brainer as to who might win.]
So, go on. Think, and then vote.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought MK is a bit dumb and this justifies it.Am i the on ly one missing a few gems here? However,I agree completely with your choices,Lize.