Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe It's All Going Too Far...

I said I would never blog about Miley Cyrus again. Alas, I have just watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', and Cat made me think of a story I heard just this morning.

For those of you on Twitter, you may know that Miley Cyrus not only had an account, she was a tweetwhore! Worse, even, than I am. I kid you not. But recently, Miley decided to delete her account. No one is sure exactly why, but many a tweeting fan's heart was broken. And one such a brokenhearted tween has decided to take extreme measures to get Miley back on Twitter.

You know that phrase 'I'll eat my hat'? Well, this person says he/she [though I am fairly sure it is a chick, so from here on we will refer to 'her'] is going to eat her cat.

Basically, she set Miley a deadline of 16 November. If she has not begun tweeting again by then, Fuzzy [the cat] will be made into a cat dish of sorts. Cat stew? Braised cat? The website has recipes, photos and a description of this bizarre endeavour.

Will Miley save Fuzzy?

It's all a bit much. I mean, what next? A sparkly, cold, Twilight-inspired dildo a la Edward Adonis Veggie [read: fag] Vampire Cullen? Oh, wait. It's already been done.

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