Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There Are Only Two Things... need consider doing tonight, if you live somewhere between Stellenbosch and Cape Town. 1. Thieve will be launching the debut album, Gold, tonight at Camps Bay Bowl's Club. If everyone keeps telling you that 'it's near Dizzy's' and you, like me, have a tendency to get horribly lost, the address is 41 The Drive, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005. You can thank me later. I think this event is pretty much invite-only, but if you do have one of these then I will see you there. Are we wearing tennis skirts, argyle cardigans and bobby socks? Yes? No? Maybe. But the fact that there is a big bad wolf outside our house trying to blow Table Mountain down means short skirts might not be such a great idea... 2. Isochronous and 3rd World Spectator are hitting Klein Libertas Theatre. The Isochronous boys are from Pretoria and so worth seeing, so do grab this opportunity to see them. Firmly. With both hands. There you go. This is going to beautiful and between me and my clone [what, you thought it was ONE person juggling everything?!], 'I' will see you at both.
Tomorrow night I am urging you to head over to a slightly different vibe, but for a good cause. Next month I will be heading to Zimbabwe with 19 others as part of a UN group going there to do some aid work [more on that later], and we need R90 000 to go. So we will be hosting a party at Springboks [or Upper Level or Rhodesian Arms or whatever. I mean, it's not like anyone ever goes there sober enought to know the place's real name!]. There are drinks specials and all sorts from 9-2pm. Check out the Facebook event. Do it. It's the one time we can say 'Zimbabwe' and 'party' in the same sentence and have it being totally apolitical.

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