Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Know You Love Me

Seeing as every shop and advert is sporting Christmas decorations [already], I figured I had better get started!
You may know that I really, really love The Clash.

And The Clash loves me too

Now, besides for a unicorn, there is something else I quite simply have to have. I know there is someone out there who loves me enough to hook me up with a pair of these. I am usually all about heels and prettiness, but hawt dayyum, I would quite simply never take these off. No, never.
Pretty please?

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Are GOLDen

It seems having album launches at out-of-the-ordinary venues is the latest trend in Bellville. This time we left the northern suburbs and headed to Camps Bay Bowls Club. We arrived on time [read: early] and the crowd was made up of old ballies watching sport and drinking whiskey. But that was soon to change… Read the rest at Life After 5.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Top 10 Local Albums of 2009

In case you did not tune in to yesterday between 12 and 9pm for the annual MFM Top 100 show, here are the Top Ten Local Albums for 2009:
10. Isochronous- Isochronous
9. Taxi Violence- The Turn
8. Stealing Love Jones- Bleed to Bloom
7. Louise Carver- The Home Tour Live
6. Straatligkinders- Sweef Soos 'n Vuishou
5. New Holland- Exploded Views
4. Cassette- Who Do You Trust?
3. Ashtray Electric- Bonjour
2. Jax Panik- Cigarettes and Cinnamon
1. aKing- Against All Odds
1. Die Heuwels Fantasties- Die Heuwels Fantasties
Now you know.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ons Are Awesome

At gigs, I am generally taking photos myself so I tend not to appear in them all too often. But now and then I do, and sometimes [when we have had a couple of drinks], I am incapable of simply smiling for the camera.
we-are-awesome.com is like the cool version of Thunda for all the Cape Town indie scenesters. Swing on by, check it out. You might even find yourself on there unexpectedly.
This stunner is without a doubt one of my favourite photos of me, ever. Quite spectacular, don't you agree?

All the better to eat you with, my dear.


I am currently in Pretoria for work [which happens to make for Irish time too], but there are some fun things happening all over the place. Even the Cape should be fun, depsite the fact that I'm not there.

I have never done this before, but I thought I would just throw it out there that I am co-hosting MK Live tonight. It runs from 8-9pm on channel 324, and Jan Blohm will be in studio, as well as my co-host Ivan Botha [you may remember him from Bakgat] and some cool DJs. Ivan [or rather, Wimpie] even has a fan group. Don't believe me? Check it.

Jan Blohm

I will be attending a Dear Reader gig at Wits theatre. Without doubt one of my top local bands, I cannot believe this will be my first time seeing them live. Excitement reigns.

Dear Reader

If you are in Cape Town, you would do well to check out Isochronous and 3rd World Spectator at Mercury Live. Cover is R40, and this gig will change your life. Promise.

3rd World Spectator frontman Peter Crafford

The annual Mystic 'Nightmare Before Christmas' party happens tonight. You could win cash prizes for being the best-dressed there, and in general it's not only quite the spectacle, but also a kickass party.

That's all. Behave yourself, kids.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There Are Only Two Things...

...you need consider doing tonight, if you live somewhere between Stellenbosch and Cape Town. 1. Thieve will be launching the debut album, Gold, tonight at Camps Bay Bowl's Club. If everyone keeps telling you that 'it's near Dizzy's' and you, like me, have a tendency to get horribly lost, the address is 41 The Drive, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005. You can thank me later. I think this event is pretty much invite-only, but if you do have one of these then I will see you there. Are we wearing tennis skirts, argyle cardigans and bobby socks? Yes? No? Maybe. But the fact that there is a big bad wolf outside our house trying to blow Table Mountain down means short skirts might not be such a great idea... 2. Isochronous and 3rd World Spectator are hitting Klein Libertas Theatre. The Isochronous boys are from Pretoria and so worth seeing, so do grab this opportunity to see them. Firmly. With both hands. There you go. This is going to beautiful and between me and my clone [what, you thought it was ONE person juggling everything?!], 'I' will see you at both.
Tomorrow night I am urging you to head over to a slightly different vibe, but for a good cause. Next month I will be heading to Zimbabwe with 19 others as part of a UN group going there to do some aid work [more on that later], and we need R90 000 to go. So we will be hosting a party at Springboks [or Upper Level or Rhodesian Arms or whatever. I mean, it's not like anyone ever goes there sober enought to know the place's real name!]. There are drinks specials and all sorts from 9-2pm. Check out the Facebook event. Do it. It's the one time we can say 'Zimbabwe' and 'party' in the same sentence and have it being totally apolitical.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dirty Skirts, Ashtray Electric and kiff DJs at Assembly

Saturdays at Assembly are normally a safe bet. Whether you go to see or be seen, you will generally find a party there. Driving home the next morning at 5am, with three cans of Red Bull working their way through my system and singing loudly to myself so as to stay awake, I concluded that this Saturday was no different. Then again, The Dirty Skirts, Ashtray Electric and a number of fine DJs on offer- the dice were loaded from the start...
Read the rest here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Next Few Days

... are jam-packed with giggage! If you're in Stellenbosch, Cape Town or anywhere in between, do catch some of these:

Wednesday 14 October:
The New Holland boys have returned from their tour and will give us a chance to check out the new stuff. If you missed the launch at House of Rasputin, do catch this one at Klein Libertas Theatre. Entrance is R30 and the new album is stellar!
Thursday, 15 October:
Thieve is a fairly new act, and with the recent completion of the album there is a considerable buzz around this band, and for good reason! They hit our little town as part of the Beyerskloof 'Rock 'Til You Doof' gigs. And as if it isn't cool enough having the opportunity to see them, the show is FREE. Yes, gratis. Head over to Bohemia for this one. Alternatively find Stonewall farm in Stellenbosch for the launch of the much-anticipated new Zinkplaat album, Mooi Besoedeling. So far, we have been hearing good things...
Friday 16 October:
Regardless of what is going on on this night, anywhere else, there is only one gig to attend on Friday: Vrede Fest. The line-up includes Fokofpolisiekar, Foto Na Dans, The Dirty Skirts, aKing and acapello outfit D7. Entrance is R60 and all funds go towards the Vrede Foundation. If you are not yet familiar with Herman's story, check out the Vrede Foundation website.

Saturday 17 October:

Finally you can catch The Dirty SKirts, Ashtray Electric, Bruce Willis, Slash (dot) Millionaire and Blush n Bass at Assembly. Five bands for R60- not bad!
And then you might want to take Sunday off to recover.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MAMA Results

The results for the 2009 MAMA Awards [regarding South African artists] are out, and the following bands are due congratulations:
Best Alternative: Zebra and Giraffe
Best Video: HHP
Legend Award: Lucky Dube
Kenya also walked away with three awards, while Nigeria dominated, taking five of them golden mics home.
That's all, really. NYK.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daisy Diary Part Trois

Day three and we’re all feeling a little under the weather. Today is overcast and quite unlike yesterday’s summery day filled with shiny, happy hippy people. But first, a report back on yesterday’s events:
Read the rest here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daisy Diary Part Deux

Dan Patlanksy is without doubt one of the country’s most talented musicians. Though his music is mostly laid-back blues, he got his crowd positively wound up with appreciation for what he can do with a guitar. He becomes wholly engrossed in what he is playing, evident by his facial expressions telling of the journey on which his music takes him...
Read the rest here.

Daisy Diary Part Une

The Life After 5 team is officially Rocking the Daisies. While one half only arrived this morning, rumour has it last night was a great one. Ashtray Electric are said to have played their best set ever, and [as is to be expected] Goldfish and aKing blew the crowd away. Those who undertook the mission of walking the daisies were rooted to the spot by paining calves, but all-round there are no complaints thus far.
Read the rest here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taxi Violence Say 'Auf Wiedersehen!'

... as they head off to Germany and Holland for their three week European tour.
Now, these dates and venues may not mean much to you, but here they are anyway:
09 October: NORD with Hellboys
10 October: ELEKTRA
11 October: MUZIEKCAFE DE BLIKSEM [sounds like a rad place]
14 October: BLUE SHELL with Smokebox
16 October: FFT with StarGo
17 October: JUGENDZENTRUM NORD with Soulbreed and Blond In Bootz
22 October: DUNCKER CLUB
23 October: PABB with Smokebox
24 October: THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER with Smokebox
And they'll be back on the 28th of October to play at Synergy fest. But more on that later. If you have any family up in Deutschland or Holland, give them a holla with these deets. If you have ever seen Taxi Violence live you will know it is a worthwhile live act. For regular updates on the our, follow them on Twitter.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Exploded... erm... views?

New Holland album launch at House of Rasputin, 01 October
When last did you go to a strip club? Personally, I hadn’t been for years. Maybe months… My point is that strip clubbing is not exactly a once-a-week event for many people. At least, not the people in our circles. The ‘industry’ if you will. So when we heard that New Holland would be launching the new album ‘Exploded Views’ at House of Rasputin, there was intrigue and excitement abound. Not to mention we had heard great things about the new album… Read the full review here.

Deep Space Doom

Six months ago, KIDOFDOOM visited us here in the Cape. Thereafter they locked themselves in the highest room of the tallest tower of a castle somewhere far far away to write some music, and they were quiet for some time. But they are back, launching their new album, ‘My Faith In War’, and though we missed them it was worth the wait…
Read the full review on Mahala.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We may not like Mondays, but we sure love Fridays!

aKing and Cassette at Klein Libertas Theatre.
At the end of a long week of work and university, there really is nothing quite like kicking off the weekend with friends, a couple of drinks and some decent music, preferably the kind that is live. And so that is exactly what we did last Friday, with aKing and Cassette taking care of the latter...
Read the full review here.