Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much...

So, I have been way out of action, especially regarding this here blog of mine. Been a hectic while of academic madness, and then a deurnag that spawned a week of too much partying, too little sleep... And that, combined with a daytime schedule that renders 'eating' way down on the priority list, had me abandon the blogosphere for a little bit. Heading to Jo'burg/Pretoria tomorrow for my old man's 137th birthday, and I fully intend to spend the entire weekend sleeping. Do not call me with a tempting offer of a night on the town, please. I might say yes.
If you're in Cape Town this weekend, be sure to check out The Plastics and The Dirty Skirts this Saturday [12 September] for an all-ages show at The Tafelberg Tavern. The Plastics are also launching their new video soon, but more on that later.
The new kidofdoom album, My Faith In War, is on its way. From the little bit I have heard, it may just blow your mind! I had the opportunity to check out the album photo shoot. Some of the weirdest shit I have ever seen, but it is going to be good. Think gas masks and fishnet stockings, tutus as ponchos and antlers. Expect launches in October. And you can catch them at Earthdance. It feels a bit like we're living from fest to fest- with Oppikoppi over, I am planning Rocking the Daisies and Earthdance missions. When will it end? Hopefully never...
Sassquatch is doing a 5-city tour, and we can't wait for that to head down our way. Again, more on that later. For now, dream of non-stop dirty dancing and hair everywhere.
Wrestlerish has just swept us off our feet, and we were very sad to bid them farewell. If you get your hands on a local album this year, let it be The Rude Mechanic. Trust me. I have yet to meet someone who can honestly tell me they don't like this band.
A backlog of note, with regards to stuff I've been meaning to write about. I will get around to it all, I promise. For now, I need to go nurse my liver and my tired eyes.

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