Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The doomers are back in town!

All the way from Pretoria, the kidofdoom guys have headed back down south to launch their new album, My Faith In War.
You'll know them as being set apart from the other bands by the fact that their music has no lyrics [which is why I couldn't do a clever little play-on-lyrics title for this post], and not for lack of singing talent [which you would know if you had ever seen Isochronous, put two and two together and gotten five when you recognised kidofdoom keyboardist Richard Brokensha as the (very able) vocalist].
Be sure to tune in to MFM 92.6 tomorrow morning from 11-12 for an acoustic session, and check them out at Klein Libertas Theatre tomorrow night [30 September], or at Mercury Live on Friday [2 October]. And you couldn't ask for better accompanying acts- DJ Sassquatch and Haezer! I know, right? It promises to be an electro dance explosion orgasm! See you there.
Oh, and DO pick up the new album. There are no words for how amazing it is, but you will understand when your head explodes.
Oh, and one last thing- sure, I may be a little biased, but the album photography is something quite worth seeing. See it here.

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