Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collected Memories: The Rude Mechanical

Happy birthday to the old man [it's only tomorrow (Yes, I think he was born on a Friday 13th), but the party is tonight. And Monday it's back to reality, so the blog might move a few spots down on the priority list, hence I am doing this post today.]
So, this family has seen ups and downs like few, but I won't list any of the issues. Next year, for the first time in, like, ever, we'll all live in the same city. I maintain my conviction I was adopted [come on, I have blonde hair and blue eyes in a sea of Jews!]. But hey, family is family.
Father and my half-sister, Andrea.
Stepmother, Lanie, and Andrea.
Sister, Nadya, and her daughter, Erin.
Nadya and her husband, Eric.
Brother, Stefan, with my mum, Edna.
Brother and his wife, Ilana.
But I hope you’re there, I hope you’re there.
And here’s to the after alls, and here’s to not feeling small.
But I hope you’re there, but I hope you’re there,
‘cause it’s a long road, and I’ve walked it alone.
If you’d come home...
And did we really think we could tame the bear?

Is there really not another way out of here?

'til the marching band tramples everything

I’ll be here.

-Wrestlerish, The Rude Mechanical


Anonymous said...

I took that picture of you. Yes I did.

Lize Kay said...

Yes, Simon, you did =)