Sunday, September 20, 2009

Collected Memories: Bad News

The madness never stops. Meeting new people, making the most of the last few months in the Cape before we [potentially don't] graduate. Thank you to friends, who make me cry when I think of leaving them behind, who hold my hand while I do crazy things, and who sit with me in the rain until four in the morning, all for the sake of preserving the memory of a breathtaking view. And if we don't do it now, we probably never will. So let's not sleep, let's drink too much, smoke too much and toast to this dangerous thing we call 'youth'.

Photos by Adriaan Louw

We'll keep this from ourselves,

ignoring better health.

We'll be hanging around, just hanging around.

We're better lost than found,

ignoring better sounds,

we'll be hanging around, just hanging around.

'cause baby you're bad news, and I don't trust myself with you.

-Wrestlerish: Bad News

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