Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The doomers are back in town!

All the way from Pretoria, the kidofdoom guys have headed back down south to launch their new album, My Faith In War.
You'll know them as being set apart from the other bands by the fact that their music has no lyrics [which is why I couldn't do a clever little play-on-lyrics title for this post], and not for lack of singing talent [which you would know if you had ever seen Isochronous, put two and two together and gotten five when you recognised kidofdoom keyboardist Richard Brokensha as the (very able) vocalist].
Be sure to tune in to MFM 92.6 tomorrow morning from 11-12 for an acoustic session, and check them out at Klein Libertas Theatre tomorrow night [30 September], or at Mercury Live on Friday [2 October]. And you couldn't ask for better accompanying acts- DJ Sassquatch and Haezer! I know, right? It promises to be an electro dance explosion orgasm! See you there.
Oh, and DO pick up the new album. There are no words for how amazing it is, but you will understand when your head explodes.
Oh, and one last thing- sure, I may be a little biased, but the album photography is something quite worth seeing. See it here.


...looks something like this.
For more od these cool trends check out cherryflava.

Them Crazy Rich Kids...

I know, I know, everyone is talking about it, but it is fairly scandalous. Some of you may know that I want to a [sorry, THE] private girls school in the country. They say money can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you a hitman! Then again, you want to fork out more than half the price of a pair of Jimmy Choo flip flops if you want this to be a professional job.
Brittany Mitchell, a matric pupil at St Anne's Diocesan College for Girls, met a 24 year-old teacher on Facebook in August last year. They dated and they broke up, but Brit felt it was the [now ex] boyfriend's mother who was to blame. So she hired a hitman. Except, it turns out her hitman is a policeman. Oops!
Read the rest here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Collected Memories: Bad News

The madness never stops. Meeting new people, making the most of the last few months in the Cape before we [potentially don't] graduate. Thank you to friends, who make me cry when I think of leaving them behind, who hold my hand while I do crazy things, and who sit with me in the rain until four in the morning, all for the sake of preserving the memory of a breathtaking view. And if we don't do it now, we probably never will. So let's not sleep, let's drink too much, smoke too much and toast to this dangerous thing we call 'youth'.

Photos by Adriaan Louw

We'll keep this from ourselves,

ignoring better health.

We'll be hanging around, just hanging around.

We're better lost than found,

ignoring better sounds,

we'll be hanging around, just hanging around.

'cause baby you're bad news, and I don't trust myself with you.

-Wrestlerish: Bad News

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Die MK 4de Avontoer: Opening bands announced

So this December sees the fourth MK Avontoer. It's a tour up and down and around, but one that is softcore enough for ordinary people to join in on the fun, tagging along on the bus. You get to vote for which bands play on the tour, you get free stuff and all-round it is quite a cool vibe. For now, I can only tell you that it runs from 26 December 2009- 2 January 2010, kicking off in Stilbaai with the Groot Gees Rock Fees.
The opening bands have also been announced, and after a bit of a voting debacle Baarmoedergevoel and Mr Cat and The Jackal will be this year's opening bands. For more details on this and more check out the De Plate Kompanje website.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Next Few...

...days there will be many a cool gig happening all over the place. I am off to Jo'burg/Pretoria again on Thursday, but whether you're there with me or down south, you're spoilt for choice.
Jack Parow is at Mystic in Stellenbosch tomorrow night with NasD. But even if you're not going, please take the time to appreciate the wonderful drawing of him on the poster for this event. Radicool, no?
The Sassquatch Hair Everywhere tour is officially underway. Catch him this Thursday at Tings an' Times or Friday at Back to Basix, both for the The Arrows launch. Avoid The Arrows if you are a homosexual or anything else vaguely heathen- they are not afraid to tell you that you are going to hell. They are in Cape Town next Saturday 26 September at Albert Hall. But more importantly, Sassy will be in Stellenbosch at Klein Libertas Theatre 30 September and at Mercury 2 October join kidofdoom for the launch of their new album, My Faith In War. That is going to be good. Promise.
Also happening this Friday is the return of Zebra and Giraffe to Stellenbosch. Catch them at Klein Libertas Theatre with a band about which I have heard only good things- The Stremes. Kindly let me know if they live up to the positive talk.
Alternatively head over to Aandklas for the Dance Dance Revolution. If electro dance music is more your vibe, go skank your shoes to the likes of Bruce Willis, Haezer and some other lesser-known names that will doubtlessly be right up your alley.
If you're in Cape Town on Friday, go kiss The Plastics at their music launch party at Mercury. DJ Sideshow will keep the party going way into the early hours of Saturday, so it will be a good way to let loose after a long week in the real world.
This Saturday winners of the 2008 Mystic Band Battle, Black Market Riots, will be launching their album as well as their first video. Expect a lot of visual stimulation, and the discovery of a fresh new band you might just love.
Ashtray Electric team up with Cat String Theory at Catu Irish Pub on Saturday. Ashtray is always worth seeing live, and Cat String Theory is one band you want to give a chance. An interesting vibe, great guys and a sound you can't help but take notice of.
Saturday in Pretoria, however, is the one. With the tragic passing of the face of MK, an enormous role-player in- and lover of local music, and dear friend Herman Pretorius, his non-profit organisation Vrede Foundation continues his legacy by helping others fighting the battle he ultimately lost. It's at Hatfield Square. Starting at 2pm, expect to see The Sick-Leaves, Holly and The Woods, Die Heuwels Fantasties and aKing.
So there you have it- a whole buffet of musical enjoyment. Choose wisely.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Collected Memories: The Rude Mechanical

Happy birthday to the old man [it's only tomorrow (Yes, I think he was born on a Friday 13th), but the party is tonight. And Monday it's back to reality, so the blog might move a few spots down on the priority list, hence I am doing this post today.]
So, this family has seen ups and downs like few, but I won't list any of the issues. Next year, for the first time in, like, ever, we'll all live in the same city. I maintain my conviction I was adopted [come on, I have blonde hair and blue eyes in a sea of Jews!]. But hey, family is family.
Father and my half-sister, Andrea.
Stepmother, Lanie, and Andrea.
Sister, Nadya, and her daughter, Erin.
Nadya and her husband, Eric.
Brother, Stefan, with my mum, Edna.
Brother and his wife, Ilana.
But I hope you’re there, I hope you’re there.
And here’s to the after alls, and here’s to not feeling small.
But I hope you’re there, but I hope you’re there,
‘cause it’s a long road, and I’ve walked it alone.
If you’d come home...
And did we really think we could tame the bear?

Is there really not another way out of here?

'til the marching band tramples everything

I’ll be here.

-Wrestlerish, The Rude Mechanical

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh yes they did. And so did I!

Whilst not denying the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks, there are bigger issues to worry about. Yes, remember [especially if it touches you personally, which is doesn't me], but let's open our eyes to the myriad of other tragedies and disasters happening every second all around the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much...

So, I have been way out of action, especially regarding this here blog of mine. Been a hectic while of academic madness, and then a deurnag that spawned a week of too much partying, too little sleep... And that, combined with a daytime schedule that renders 'eating' way down on the priority list, had me abandon the blogosphere for a little bit. Heading to Jo'burg/Pretoria tomorrow for my old man's 137th birthday, and I fully intend to spend the entire weekend sleeping. Do not call me with a tempting offer of a night on the town, please. I might say yes.
If you're in Cape Town this weekend, be sure to check out The Plastics and The Dirty Skirts this Saturday [12 September] for an all-ages show at The Tafelberg Tavern. The Plastics are also launching their new video soon, but more on that later.
The new kidofdoom album, My Faith In War, is on its way. From the little bit I have heard, it may just blow your mind! I had the opportunity to check out the album photo shoot. Some of the weirdest shit I have ever seen, but it is going to be good. Think gas masks and fishnet stockings, tutus as ponchos and antlers. Expect launches in October. And you can catch them at Earthdance. It feels a bit like we're living from fest to fest- with Oppikoppi over, I am planning Rocking the Daisies and Earthdance missions. When will it end? Hopefully never...
Sassquatch is doing a 5-city tour, and we can't wait for that to head down our way. Again, more on that later. For now, dream of non-stop dirty dancing and hair everywhere.
Wrestlerish has just swept us off our feet, and we were very sad to bid them farewell. If you get your hands on a local album this year, let it be The Rude Mechanic. Trust me. I have yet to meet someone who can honestly tell me they don't like this band.
A backlog of note, with regards to stuff I've been meaning to write about. I will get around to it all, I promise. For now, I need to go nurse my liver and my tired eyes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And In Other News...

If you are in Stellenbosch, be sure to catch the Wrestlerish interview on MFM tonight at 19h30 on the Homegrown hour on Detour. Alternatively stream the show live from here. And then make your way over to Klein Libertas Theatre to catch them along with The Plastics and 3rd World Spectator.
Remember to dress up for Casual Day tomorrow. The theme is all sporty and whatever [right up MY alley] and it is for a good cause.
Lastly, check out my article on The Sleepers in the new edition of One Small Seed magazine. They are an awesome band, so be sure to catch them live some time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So last night we headed to The Waiting Room to see Wrestlerish, currently touring the Cape. If I hadn't gotten to bed at 9am this morning, I would have written about the gig, but I don't really trust myself with eloquence right now. I can, however, tell you that it was a great night! And we plan on doing it again, tomorrow night: Wrestlerish, The Plastics and 3rd World Spectator at Klein Libertas Theatere. Be there. Also, be sure to catch Wrestlerish on MFM at 19h30 for a quick interview.