Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Wanted More...

Taxi Violence Album Launch with 3rd World Spectator
Klein Libertas Theatre, 15 August
On a cold, wintry night in Stellenbosch, the thought of remaining indoors with a DVD, duvet and [hopefully] a human heater, is an appealing one. I myself was tempted to do just that, to have one night of doing nothing. But this one was simply too good to miss...
In light of the number of gigs happening that night in Cape Town as well as the chilly weather, I did not expect a very big crowd, simply hoping to be pleasantly surprised. But it was not to be; turnout was a little disappointing. But what the crowd lacked in size it certainly made up for in enthusiasm; every person there sang along, rocked out and pleaded encore.
3rd World Spectator played a set that was characteristically dramatic, theatrical and well-rehearsed without having become tedious. I remain amazed at frontman Peter Crafford’s haunting voice and seemingly endless vocal range. Keep an ear out for some recording happening soon, and an album [hopefully] to be released closer to the end of the year. Also [and it excites me greatly to report this], 3rd World Spectator will be playing at Klein Libertas Theatre with Wrestlerish at the beginning of September. Be there!
The Taxi Violence guys put their all into the live show, as they always do. It is impossible to take one’s eyes off frontman George van der Spuy [or Riaan’s hair!] and by the end of the set everyone in the crowd was as exhausted as the guys on stage. Ever-engaged with his crowd, George connects with everyone and makes a full, smoky, dark room seem intimate to every person watching. Some older favourites were left out of the set, but only to make room for a taste of the new material, and it tastes good! The new album has had nothing but good reviews thus far and it seems to be the must-have for the month. Adding more of their well-liked acoustic endeavours, The Turn is sure to satisfy all fans. Make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you can, and make an effort to see what is undoubtedly one of the country’s best live bands.

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