Monday, August 10, 2009

Oppikoppi Smashed in Love: Day The Last Part The Final

After yet another late night, cold as ice, we shivered back to our tents for the last round of getting our hips bruised by the hard earth. Up early, and then the packing began. Between the left-over food, garbage, clothes everywhere and even more Oppikoppi dirt, this is not easy feat, especially being three girls in one car! And finally we were homewardbound, but not before Wimpy coffee and a few last minutes of talking kak... Home meant the longest shower of my life, the warmest, and then passing out before the plane even started moving. Back home, saying prayers for my wonderfully soft, warm bed, but hoping I can do it all over again next year...
A last round of looking-backs:
17h00: Tidal Waves, Most Amazing Myn Stage
South Africa's hottest reggae-rock band, and without doubt one of the tightest acts in the country. This year, certain band members knew better than to attempt to jump from the stage over the pit in the crowd, knowing from experience that gravity always wins. But they still had a great show, and they had their many fans jamming their hearts out along with the band. You have to love how slow and soulful their music can be one second, clashing so artfully a moment later with all-out rock! I have never been let down by Tidal Waves, and so it continues...
18h00: The Dirty Skirts, James Phillip Main Stage
Opening with what I have to claim to be my song, Wake kicked off the Skirts' gig with unicorns and pegasi, and it only got better from there. Everything from the older 'classics' like Feeling The Pressure to their latest video release, Rolling Like Thunder, and the crowd sang along to it all. Frontman Jeremy de Tolly had his usual rockstar moments blended with that Zen approach, sitting on the edge of the stage and reaching out to his zounds of fans, and it turns out that spirit really is the new black...
19h00: Kidofdoom, Most Amazing Myn Stage
Beginning the set with a full introduction of the Doomers team, everyone from band members to Liam Lynch behind the lens, this was probably the most mind-blowing kidofdoom performance I have ever seen! Yes, the boys rocked out and yes, their music is impressive and innovative in a country largely lacking instrumental bands. But the thing that is even more beautiful is watching the connection between these boys. They are like brothers, and their love for the music mirrors their friendship. And then, for the first time ever, we heard kidofdoom with vocals: Bertus from Havoc Vultures joined the Doomers on stage for The Power of Love. And in true ironic fashion, there are no words to describe what happened. But bar this once-in-a-lifetime event, kidofdoom continues to prove that music does not need words.
19h50: Oppikoppi Monument Declaration, James Phillip Main Stage
Yes, the rumours are true. Oppikoppi, after 15 years of existance, is a national monument. The ceremony was performed by the true legends of the festival, like Francois van Coke, Hunter Kennedy and Albert Frost. It was a moment that will go down in South African history, and am sure that everyone there felt a surge of pride for it all.
21h00: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Most Amazing Myn Stage
I was still in the camping area, heading to the stage, when I could hear the crowd begin to chant for Die Heuwels. I am quite sure that the Most Amazing Myn Staga has never seen so many people! And Die Heuwels rocked it. On drums was Phil Erasmus of Thieve, and I saw a showcase of just how much talent this boy has. He sat behind the drums grinning like a child, but mastering the job with ease. Joined on stage also by Francois van Coke and Jack Parow, this performance was not only one of the most anticipated ones at Oppikoppi, but also one of the best received. The crowd knew every word and every silence, and their electro rock set was done with vigour enough to feed the masses before them.
00hoo: Fokofpolisiekar, James Phillip Main Stage
Finally, the summit of it all was in sight. Fokofpolisiekar began as a Bellville rock band and turned into a revolution. I had the honour of being on stage while they played, and it was all awe-inspiring. I am sure I don't have to say much about the actual performance: the energy, the larger-than-life crowd, the zealous fans singing every single word with Francois- their music is an experience and they are a great part of South African music. Words cannot do it justice, but to say that this was the right way to end the fifteenth Oppikoppi, and the right way to begin dreaming of the next 15.

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