Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oppikoppi Smashed in Love: Day 3 Part Une

Today is the main day at Oppikoppi! With bands including Jack Parow, Ashtray Electric, Fokofpolisiekar, kidofdoom, Die Heuwels Fantasties, The Dirty Skirts, Tidal Waves and Wrestlerish, everyone is happy! But first, where did we leave off last night?
17h30: Koos Kombuis, James Phillip Main Stage
Boasting one of the biggest crowds at the festival, Koos Kombuis can be seen almost every year at Oppikoppi. But there is a reason for that- the crowd loves him, and even walking around today I keep catching snippets of conversations retelling the set.
18h30: Balthazar, Most Amazing Myn Stage
All the way from Belgium, this band has been one of my favourites so far! Their music is uplifting and easy to get into. With four males and a female, their music is anything but repetitive. They got well into the South African vibe, and we got well into theirs! As they put it, "This is one to dance upon". And did we dance! These guys have won over their entire home country, and did a good job of winning over ours too. I speak for many fans when I say I hope they will be back soon, before Europe wakes up and ships them to the stars to make it big.
20h30: Taxi Violence, Most Amazing Myn Stage
The boys have been working exceptionally hard to bring us their new album, and I am hearing very good things about it! The album is tour is happening, but for now we indulged in some of their older material. The crowd was big, and everyone put as much into their watching the gig as Taxi Violence did on stage. Their shows are always jam-packed with energy, and this time was no different.: they jumped, and screamed, and rocked out like the true rockstars they are. Their live shows match their music to perfection and this was a case of the crowd doing it too.
20h30: Riku Latti & Albert Frost, Levi's Bushveld Originals
Albert Frost is the ultimate Oppikoppi susperstar! Having played at every festival over all these years, he is without a doubt one of te country's most talented musicians. No one could put it better than Liam once did in a debate over Albert and another blues musician- 'He can play the blues, but the blues play Albert!' Joined by Riku Latti on stage, their music was beautiful and they possessed their crowd without effort. Fans were mesmerised by this duo, and the press pit was a platform for a proposal! Yes, you heard me. And to top it all off, the song Smoorverlief.
22h30: Foto Na Dans, Most Amazing Myn Stage
As dramatic as always, these winners of last year's MK Award for Best Live Performance had their crowd going wild for their music. LeRoi's voice and stage presence were as powerful as always, and he interacted with his rabid crowd all through the set. Playing a mixture of old and new material, the slower tracks and the vociferously theatrical, I maintain my opinion that they one of the country's best bands to catch live.
23h30: aKING, James Phillip Main Stage
Their live performances are consistent, but why change a winning formula? With an enormous crowd, aKing played a great set. They filled the space before them, booming out all the favourites. They have an enormous following, but while their music is easy to get into it oozes musical talent, and they are gaining fans by the second. Headlining yesterday, it was a wonderful way to hit midnight and begin official birthday celebrations.
And what after that, stays at Oppikoppi. But I did get to bed at the same time I usually get up for work. Nice.

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