Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oppikoppi Smashed in Love: Day 2 Part Deux

A beautiful sunset here at Oppikoppi. My feet are aching and I am dirty like never before. But it has been a great day. Bellville has arrived and the team feels more complete!
I have to interrupt this and say how perfect the weather has been. Many expected the worst, but in true bushveld fashion the days are warm and sunny and the nights are not even all that cold. Even Mother Nature supports Oppikoppi.
Mooi sexy
14h30: The Plastics, Most Amazing Myn Stage
Since winning the Red Bull Radar competition at 2008's Rocking the Daisies, these guys have grown a lot in their music, progressing towards a sound that is more their own. They maintain a great attitude towards the music scene and music as a career, and they played a good show, tight as always. Despite being fairly early in the day, they got the crowd on their feet and dancing. Just like it should be...
15h30: Isochronous, James Phillip Main Stage
Festival organisers need to stop putting Isochronous at daytime slots. While the boys played a set that was as amazing as always, theirs is a show that is complemented by lighting effects to match their stellar music. But they had an enormous crowd, and these Pretoria boys were well appreciated. Richard Brokensha shows kidofdoom is not instrumental for the absence of vocal talent; his voice is powerful but soothing at the same time, at almost unparallelled in the local music scene. As always, keyboardist Alex Parker was the energy source on stage, though Richard and bassist Franco Schoeman did their fair share of rocking out to music that transports listeners to another universe.
16h30: Van Coke Kartel & Gerald Clark, Levi's Bushveld Originals
Playing an acoustic gig, Van Coke Kartel was immensely powerful! The boys hit the stage in collars and ties, a cleaner look for a more chilled version of their normally-harder rock. Joining them was one of South Africa's most talented musicians, Gerald Clark. He added a new dimension to their sound, and thus was born Van Coke Kartel playing blues. Believe it! The crowd was large and loving every minute of the set, singing along to every song. A perfect way to end the day, I found myself holding strangers' hands and belting out Wat Het Van Ons Geword as the sun went down.
It has been a great day. Don't expect more updates- my birthday is at midnight and I will now begin to celebrate.

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