Friday, August 7, 2009

Oppikoppi Smashed in Love: Day 1

The trip started yesterday as such, but we are here as of today. After work, last-minute packing and excitement overload, Team Lilac [myself + The Nash] boarded a plane to cold and crispy Jo'burg. After Nash nearly wrote off the entire luggage trolley and caused major jams at the airport thanks to being on the phone to her boyfriend every five seconds, Lize had to turn an entire bus around and the plane was delayed, we were A for away. Family catch-up time and a decent meal later, we were in bed with early alarms at the ready.
Yes. Pink. It is not mine.
7am alarm, and this, for me, is sleeping late! Fantastic. The sun is up AND there is time for coffee and a cigarette. Breakfast, and then the mission to stock up on junk food, alcohol and cheap shoes. Then, it was time to pick up the third member of the team: The Fulton. She is the ultimate party animal of craziness, and I am not lying when I say she WILL out-drink most of the guys I know. Car packed, and we set off on the two hour trip [on the kakkest road ever] to Oppikoppi. With no music in the car, it was all talktalktalk with much excitement over an epic weekend to come. A quick stop in Randomville and somehow I got us here sans accidents or getting lost. If you know me, you will understand what an amazing feat this is.
The first day has been spent getting into the vibe. After setting up our very cool tent [it has a foyer (now dubbed foyay!)], we have spent the day getting into the vibe and into the liquor. People everywhere, and I for one am happy to see many a familiar face and catching up with the Capetonians who undertook the great trek or the Northerners I don't see often enough. I haven't paid much attention to the music, but I have never heard so many covers, or songs that sounds like copies, in one afternoon! Some time with Irish, setting up contacts and work stuff, and we feel settled in. One cold shower later, I am typing this in the dark before I get smoordronk and struggle to spell. For now, I am off to check out The Black Hotels, The Sick Leaves, Bed on Bricks and Crash Car Burn. Reports to follow tomorrow. Sleep well, and shed a tear for not being here.
You know you love me.

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