Thursday, August 13, 2009

At The Foot Of The Weekend...

I am sitting on my livingroom floor with a piece of paper in front of me, writing down all the gigs I would like to attend from tonight until Saturday night. My problem being that I cannot attend them all. I hope your dilemma is not mine, but here are some of the ones I thought were worthy considering attending:
Thursday, 13 August:

Captain Stu and Zinkplaat at Zula, Cape Town

Captain Stu and Zinkplaat seek to bring English- and Afrikaans people together. This is Zinkplaat's first EVER gig in Cape Town. Srsly.

City Bowl Mizers and Mr Cat & The Jackal at Bohemia, Stellenbosch

The Mizers have trekked all the way from Durbs, bru. They don't come here all too often, so you may want to catch them while you can.

Friday, 14 August:

GeROOSter at Paul Roos Gymnasium

This year's line-up includes... Well, you can see from the poster.

Taxi Violence at Mercury

Launching their new album, and I have heard many a good thing about it! Plus, they're always worth seeing live.

Saturday, 15 August

Pretty Blue Guns, City Bowl Mizers and The Revelators at Mercury

Also launching their new album, you can catch the Cutting Heads Stellenbosch leg next week at Klein Libertas Theatre if you can't make it to Cape Town.

Chris Chameleon and Foto Na Dans at Assembly

An interesting combination, certainly, but definitely two top local acts. A must-see, in my opinion.The Dirty Skirts and The Problematiques at Zula Bar

There's a good chance you haven't seen The Problematiques yet. Well, here's your chance. And I'd be interested to see what The Skirts do on such a small stage after Oppikoppi and other bigger crowds and -stages.

And that's about it. Good luck making up your mind! If you have any suggestions foe me, let me know, please.

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Niel de la Rouviere said...

Indeed a lot of gigs! Tonight I might go City Bowl Mizers in Bohemia, then on Saturday Taxi Violence at Kleine Libertas!