Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight's The Night!

Check out the treble clef right there!

Yes, it is finally here: my 21st birthday party. Now, my birthday is only in August [9th- National Women's Day, remember that], but between MK and work and other gigs and and and, tonight was the best night to have this shindig. Plus, my actual birthday is on Oppikoppi Smoorverlief weekend, and there is no way I am missing that! Last year I danced with a cow on a stage. Who knows what's in store for this one...
Rudi's epic boots
So, the plan is as follows: we meet at Aandklas at 7pm sharp. There will be champagne, speeches, a video of me dancing in a Christian choir/dance group, and many embarrassing photos. The dress-up theme is glam rock with a touch of plum.
After speeches and all that, the party really begins. First up is The Revelators, followed by 3rd World Spectator, Ashtray Electric and ending off the night with Haezer.
Sound like a party? Yes, it will be. See you there!

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