Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank you for the music

Okay, so I'm not officially 21 years old- that happens at Oppikoppi! But I did have my 21st birthday party last week, and it was stellar, epic and every other over-used popular adjective so popular with today's 'hip youth'. A few thank-yous must go out:
Thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for being there. Ilana, for wearing fake latex, and Stefan for painting his nails. True story. Thank you also to the rest of my family. My father and sister had babies [separately, and when I say my father I mean my stepmother], so they could not make it, neither could my mother but they all texted me and I know they would have been there if they could have. Plus, my father paid for the champagne, the outfit, sound and lighting and the tickets for Gautengers to fly down. Thanks, dad!
Thank you to Carina for a beautiful speech. She didn't even have to mention what we had gone through in just three years, I know, and no-one else has to. And thank you for perpetual strength and helping me through some of the toughtest times in my life.
Thank you to Nasha for a beautiful speech! For all the photos, the captions, my two favourite songs [Milk and High and Dry], for re-living memories from circa 1998 to now, for beautiful words that may have done me too much justice. For being the best friend I ever had for over ten years! For surviving Standerton and emerging sans record of incest, working in family hardware store or falling pregnant by 19. For horseriding adventures, car accidents, bad dreams and even worse coffee. For making me cry, and not caring about the eye make-up wreckage. Thanks also to Rudi and Adriaan for helping her put it together.
And to Rudi, for always allowing me to invade his space. To Adriaan who I did not liek at first and who did not like me- you are actually great.
Thank you to all the bands for playing: The Revelators, 3rd World Spectator, Ashtray Electric [and for dedicating THAT song to me], Haezer [and Dom for arranging that]. It was amazing, and everyone loved you!
Thank you to Liam, for flying down for this. For waking up with me at 04h30 every morning, for driving me home when I get too drunk AND Nasha gets too drunk. For being the best boyfriend, and for always making sense, even when I wish he wouldn't. For the photos, for the memories, for looking better than I do in my OWN size 30 jeans, and for so often being the one thing that keeps me going when everything- and everyone else sucks.
Thank you to Milly, Naomi, Nina for being the best friends a girl could ask for. From RAMfest and Rocking the Daisies to doing my laundry when my house burns down to choosing my side when I get dumped. Arriving at Bohemia before the bar opens, last-minute study sessions and many a drunken night of broken French, shopping in Beijing, Long Street, countless gigs and falling in love with music. You girls are so beautiful, and so special, and I hope you will always be a part of my life.
To Stef, for being the best friend, and so reliable ALWAYS. Whenever I am in any trouble, this is the person I can always count on, be it having no cigarettes left or stuck in a situation a little more serious.
Thank you to MFM. For putting up with a [sometimes] kak attitude, and a very last-minute-thrills girl. Steyn, for secretly loving me, SeanO for not killing me every morning and for dancing to Beyonce in trailer trash couture. Luca, Ruenda for only fun science I have ever encountered. Conrad, for help when I don't know what is happening in my life, Terry-Faye for always being happy to see me. Jorg, for sharing ups and downs and cigarettes, and Ninette for being quietly inspiring. Thank you to Richard and Ray who got me there, Martin who kept me there and thank you all for the music.
To my sister, who has forgiven a lot, and remains the most beautiful person on earth.
To Ang, who I see too seldomly but love all the time.
To everyone who came, I appreciate it so much. For everyone who has helpen me out, helped me through and made who I am today. Thank you.

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Keda said...

'For being the best boyfriend, and for always making sense, even when I wish he wouldn't.'

Except of course when he doesn't... or you only read half the text. Please STAND little sis'