Thursday, July 16, 2009

Say It Slowly: Wrestlerish

Finally! Pretoria band Wrestlerish is in Cape Town at last. I have been waiting to see this band since I met frontman Werner Olckers at Tings 'n Times a few weeks back. People have some nice things to say about the band. Here are a few compliments they have received:
“When I listen to Wrestlerish I think of driving in the passenger seat and losing out under streetlights and I think of bicycles and glitter and I think of girls and the way hearts used to break so well in the old days. A quarterlife crisis is a ridiculous thing to have, but he's making the soundtrack to mine.” – Hunter Kennedy (MK Bruce Lee, aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Fokofpolisiekar)
"Wrestlerish are unlike anything else going on at the moment. I feel like I’m reaching for words to explain something that must be experienced. Wrestlerish are new, they are vaguely familiar in a warm way and they are going to be huge.” - Nathan Zeno (Levi’s Music Mag)
His modern, Pretoria take on country is more pick-up lines than pick-up trucks, more hug-your-dog than kick it... But still. Imagine an old midnight cowboy gazing down a city street while lighting a Lucky, and saying "that there's Bear country." - He's talking about Wrestlerish.”Liam Lynch
If you're keen to check them out, you can catch them at Mercury this Friday [17 July] with Tonight We Die and AB Turbo, or on Saturday [18 July] at Stones in Tableview. So far the band has recorded a 13-track album [keep an eye out for that as well as their first video coming soon], played Splashy Fen and supported great bands like aKing, Dear Reader, Isochronous and Ashtray Electric. And if you can't make it this weekend, be sure to catch them at Oppikoppi Smoorverlief, the RAMfest Big Day Out or Oppiaarde.

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