Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MJ's worst nightmare begins...

3 is the new 5
You know the name Joe Jackson, right? No? Well, he is the man who spawned Michael Jackson and the rest of them. He is the setter-upper of his son's uber-success to a degree, and he's not stopping there! With the death of his son, he plans to take Michael's children and turn them into the next superstar Jacksons in the form of... The Jackson 3! I kid you not. The man has recognised talent in the children [no surprise there- you have to have something if you are the product of Michael Jackson!] and he plans to have the three [what are their names again? Prince, Blanket and the third one... Princess? I can't remember.] tour in 2010. Apparently the family is quite unhappy about the whole thing, and I expect a family feud of epic proportions will arise.
You have to wonder a few things. Do the kids want this? Who will win? And if these three children were to team up, now or later, would they, like, totally blow the world away? I guess only time will tell!
Then and now-ish

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