Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Before You Tuck In To Your Bacon and Eggs...

... Pause for a second.
Net une.
I am a vegetarian, as is my sister, and I KNOW people roll their eyes when I say it. But hear me out: I am NOT trying to convert the entire population to vegetarianism. I get that it is natural for humans [along with their fellow carnivores and omnivores] to eat meat. But it is a fact that we eat too much of it, this being a result of huge multi-national corporations rendering hunting no longer being a requirement if we want meat. Rather, we drive off to MacD's or Woolies, grab a bad full of meat and resultantly some of us eat meat three times a day. Do you know how much hunting you would have to do if you were still a nomadic hunter-gatherer Neanderthal and you wanted meat three times a day?!
A lot, that's how much. So my problem is that we eat too much meat. Secondly, I have no problem with anyone eating meat, as long as the decision is an informed one. In most cases, it is not. So I urge you to watch the trailer for the Food Inc movie. You will be shocked. If you don't want to see what's in it... Well, my point exactly. Go on. I dare you. For more info, check out the movie's website.

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Floyed said...

O my! Doccies have become a genre enforcing the notion of objectivity through a documentary method of footage. All I'm saying is watch out, the medium is the message.