Monday, July 27, 2009

The Joys Of The Job

As you may know, I present the breakfast show on MFM 92.6 every weekday from 6-9am. Sometime the 04h30 wake-up call leaves us less than humorous, and we need ways to get ourselves all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once again. They weren't lying when they said one can HEAR a smile on air. Things like fanmail, good music and a good laugh with SeanO can make a morning all the more bearable. But then you get the more frustrating aspects of it. Broken equipment, erratic internet, bad music... And then there are people like this beaut, who just don't get the job. For our morning requests, the following text came through:
Mfm!Kan jul asb dai lidji spel wt bgin mt TNT en dan ht dit i MAL beat?speel altyd in nubar,en blck eyd peaz se lidji wt gremix is.keni di nam...haha leke dag!x
For the souties out there, this would translate something like:
MFM!Cn u plz play dat sng tht strts wit TNT n dn it hs a CRAZY beat?alwayz playz in nubar,nd blck eyd peaz sng dat wuz remixd.duno the name.haha hv a nyc day!x
Does anyone know what song this person is referring to? I do not.


Anonymous said...

This post made me ride my LOLlerskates all the way onto the ROFLcopter...

Anonymous said...

'TNT'? That could be any song.Is it a sound or an abbreviation that the artist is singing? Goodness,who knows? BEP is so overrated.They use normal everyday lyrics on all of the new songs.Altough,I do like it.That does make sense.