Monday, July 27, 2009

From Wine Flu to Swine Flu

There is a kid at Stellenbosch University who has swine flu. While my only sources were Facebook statii, I currently have a resident of Helderberg residence sitting to my right and he has confirmed the story. I wonder what they'll do- cancel class? Burn HB down? Who knows... I for one would not mind having no class for a while. Then again, as a radio presenter, wearing a mask will not be a 24/7 option. And the best part? Soen in die Laan, coming soen. Epic LOL. Anyone know where I can get hold of a LV gas mask?

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Niel de la Rouviere said...

Yes, indeed the timing of this swine flu arrival with Soen in die Laan is hilarious. I bet it's going to be cancelled.