Thursday, July 30, 2009

And it WAS VanFokKingTasties

The VanFokKingTasties premier was epic, as predicted. To begin with, the sound and lighting setup was unlike anything I have seen in Stellenbosch before. It almost made you feel like it was an international band's concert, only on a small stage. When I stepped on it a few hours before the gig, I got that dreamy 'I wish I could perform on a stage like this' feeling. And it held up throughout, with the larger-than-life sound and visuals fitting the grandeur of Town Hall.
A few highlights include finally seeing Jack Parow in all his kommin glory for the first time as he took to the stage for Die Vraagstuk, seeing Taxi Violence frontman George van der Spuy grace the stage alongside Francois and seeing Pierre sporting a furry cap with pockets, Hunter sporting a hoodie with a furry unicornasus on it and realising it's all happening- Die Reenboogperde is oppad! Also seeing a number of stage dives, and collective [if clumsy] manpower pulling onto stage two fans in wheelchairs, saving them from the crushing weight that had been upon them all night.
Lowlights include having a plethora of people not backstage but ON stage. This is fine when said stage-standers are writers, photographers and such. But when they are random children there because they some or other band member, standing in the way of everyone doing their job to the point where no photographer can get a single shot without having an elbow, head, leg or cellphone camera in it... THAT is annoying, and I know I was not the only writer/photographer who thought so.
I must mention the audience. I have said before that when Fokofpolisiekar set out to create music, they created a revolution. Watching these kids' reactions as they literally worship this band is quite something. My best way of describing it was a Shofar church service. Except, imagine JC himself giving the sermon. As Francois put it, upon being told they are gods to these kids... 'Gott se broers.'
Gott. Met twee t's.


adele said...

Die beste bands in Suid-Afrika, geen twyfel!

adele said...

Die beste bands in Suid-Afrika, geen twyfel! Francois for president!

Mark Reitz said...

"...and I know I was not the only writer/photographer who thought so."

Ill back that. Fuckin irritating.