Sunday, July 19, 2009

Am I Really Here?

Isochronous, The Sleepers and The Problematiques at Zula, 18 July
I have always been skeptical of female-led bands in South Africa. Besides for a few [like Lark, Dear Reader and I can’t really think of any others], I tend to end up quite unimpressed, sit back down and indulge in conversation instead of the music. Really, I went to Zula to see Isochronous, but I admit I was curious- I had heard good and bad about The Sleepers, and The Problematiques are friends and friends of friends, so off we went, just in case the last week hadn’t held enough partying.
Golly, we need to cut down on the partying.
The Problematiques have a sound that is fairly laid-back. You can sing along to it, you can shake your hips a bit. It has clear influences of classic rock, but they have a long way to go. Frontwoman Sulene van der Walt is undoubtedly talented, and the band exudes enthusiasm, but regarding stage presence it is clear that the band is still young- Sulene looks nervous at best, and everyone mostly stayed glued to the spot. Instrumentally, however, there is ample talent going around and hopefully they will grow into themselves with time.
Oh, and then they covered High and Dry. Covering Radiohead is like trying to take over presidency from Nelson Mandela. You will not measure up, and people will hate you for it. Don’t do it.
Isochronous was awesome, as always. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Awesome as in everyone stood, mouths open, in disbelief of the musical genius emanating from the stage. Their reception was once again one of true, enthusiastic appreciation of great music. So it seems that, when the music is good enough, Cape Town can put the image aside. This is quite a feat, so that is when you know a band is good! They love their own vibe, and I love that they love their vibe.
The Sleepers have a typical rockstar vibe- it’s loud, it’s all over the place, and they don’t give a damn. They love being on stage, and I confess that they did not exactly have my undivided attention, so I will give be attending another gig of theirs soon to do a better review soon.
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