Monday, July 13, 2009

All the single ladies...

My appearances in music videos tend to come back and haunt me. The first included me, using my [already short] dress to fan my very sweaty self in a dingy blues club with Zinkplaat. The next, however, led me to my childhood bee eff eff [The Nash], and we have been inseparable since.
But the latest one has a cringe factor of note.
I feature in a trailer-trash outfit [think leopard-print stilettos, denim and a fountain ponytail], dancing like I don't have a clue, to Beyonce's Single Ladies. I know, right?! But it's all in the name of good fun, for Vodacom's Radio Celebrity Challenge. You can view the video on the website and I, along with my fabulous co-host, SeanO, and the rest of the Goodhope FM team would appreciate it if you would click on the video and vote. Two thumbs up for SeanO, who not only organised the entire thing, but got his boogie on in red tights and legwarmers!
Check it.

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